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Realised that I never posted an #Elsa pic on my insta haha this photo was taken back in March when my wig and cosplay looked it's best :)

Received my #yru shoes in the mail today they're so nice :D got them in the #dollskill sale

Another #Ryuko photo from kita last month :) busy working on MCM cosplays now :)

#Ryuko last day of exams so I can do all the progress for MCM next week :) Photography: petit pois photography

Gosh I'm so irregular in posting to Instagram been busy attending cons (then will be busy with exams) but here's #nagisa #genderbend so cute and comfortable to wear ❤️

#Elsa wig styling complete :D so much hairspray although I'll probably respray it when I take out the bobbi pins and when I use it for #raicon

#doll cosplay arrived :) need to buy a petticoat and more roses since it doesn't fit over my eye without showing my hairline behind.
Bought it too large do I have to take it in :( Friday #kitacon cosplay :)

Got my #Galaxxxy hoodie today I love with it ❤️ just need to find or order some other stuff to get a full J fashion outfit :)

#Kotori today for #nanashi

Kayo-chin ❤️ gonna post more stuff on insta now hopefully fb page reach is like 0.5% :/ Photographer: coskittz

#Ryuko from Hyper Japan Christmas market
Photographer: John Lazo photography

Continuing #Elsa I can't believe I never posted this on Instagram considering it's been done for like 9 months now...ah well I'm still happy with it just gotta add final touches :)

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