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Pillows : K r i s C o u t u  Remixed Textiles for Good Home Vibes • Small Biz Momma • Vintage Curator • Purveyor of Pretty • Interior Gypsy • S H O P the Collective ⚡️⚡️⚡️

I generally don’t a have a plan when I source textiles ( it’s the creative in me... not the planner ). My method is kind of like how I try on clothes... I will know I have to own the piece before I leave the change room. If it’s not love right away then I pass... Who else shops this way? Or do you always have a strategy? These new pillows were all “oh yeah, they’re mine “ textiles 👊🏼 and are in shop now #clothandmain #pillowsarelife #whenyouknowyouknow

Cool combo with one of the crew from @houseofjules #clothandmain

Got a lot done today ( like a boss ) 🤣. One of the things I love about my job is that I can literally sit on my couch with a glass of wine and upload all my new listings to the shop... Which is exactly what I’m about to do right now! To quote Ice Cube “Today was a good day” 😎 #clothandmain #pillowsaremyjam

Today is Shipping Day! I also worked my tail over the weekend to create some newbies for the shop! Hopefully I can do both today... Wish me luck ⚡️#clothandmain

This lumbar was the last available of its kind... I couldn’t have asked for it go to a better home and room then that of @kimmyintx I am pretty sure this warm terracotta beauty was made for this space... Kinda like how I was made for hot climates and loud music! I’ve said it before but my clients and their support of my shop is kinda totally everything to me! ✌🏼#clothandmain #pillowsaremyjam

This image of my home may not represent #canadaday to everyone but to me it means love, safety and happiness, essentially what this beautiful land encapsulates! Happy Birthday to the country that I love 💗 #clothandmain

I’ve got nothing new to post because I’ve been working my butt off with the shop ( and other exciting ventures 🙌🏼 ) this week. Plus, it was my three kids last week of school which pretty much ensures a $hit show on my part, trying to scramble to provide everything they need to finish off with a smile! Basically, life is really good but also a crazy mess! Does that make sense? Ah well, I’ll have some new pics with new goodies to post next week. Hope everyone is starting off their Summer with a pep in their step 😜#cheerstotheweekend #clothandmain

I spy a #clothandmain wedding blanket lumbar looking OH SO FRESH with these pretty peonies in @zdesignathome 💗 I can practically feel the good vibes radiating through the screen 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Yasss please, gimme some more

Any which way, it’s still a STRIPE but It’ll always have my heart... & a place on the sofa... and the bed... and ✌🏼NEW IN SHOP 💗#clothandmain #pillowhoarder #pillowsaremyjam

To say I love PINK for my pillows is a bit of an understatement... I consider this energetic colour to be a neutral ( gender and otherwise ). Swipe to the end to see all my fav #PinkPillows so far. HAPPY #nationalpinkday #pinkobsessed #ihavethisthingwithpink #clothandmain

One of these little ikat lovers listed to shop today! The colours are unreal in person and make me want to sit out on a patio, drinking rosé and listen to Summer Anthems 🙌🏼#clothandmain

I finally had a chance to finish off these green batiks and I wanted to show you guys just how amazing they look on a light grey couch! Or a dark grey, white and even leather for that matter! Summer time freshness in all its green glory 🌴☀️🌴#clothandmain #summercollection

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