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They dont want woke mofos walkin round
They want sick mahfks layin down
Time to wakey wakey
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First book I chanced upon at the charity shelf. I dunno what it is but it wanted me to find it.

I'm numero tres but y'all'd've never thunk it.

Fb makes it very hard for you to leave.
If you close your account it will remember your details indefinitely
Making it no different to an addict than signing out. No difference.
So you have to close the associated email account, which poses the same issue - it just signs you out, it will only close if you don't access it for a month (it's been about 2)
Which means abstaining from signing into facebook and your email for at least a month. Before both of the beasts are finally slain!
Anyone else got a wound they need to stop touching?
I left because fb does not serve me.
It took more than it gave back.
I find it tacky, people air their dirty pants and fight with each other.
I'm suspicious of it. I don't like how it makes you feel you are missing out on something. I bubble with cynicism when I hear people discussing their activity.."i saw your post" ick!..
The whole flag thing got me going...we only support western countries who get attacked huh? Not my cup of tea. Then the celeb deaths - harvesting the emotions of the masses anyone?
Then the elections last year - wow - so much rage from those on the left. Eye opening. No bueno. I was ashamed and slightly sick.
Not to mention, people don't interact with your creative works, like they do here. Most people you know irl aren't interested haha. If you try to make friends with new ppl u look like a freak. Not like myspace used to be.
Ultimately, a time vaccuum for me that I finally managed to dump.
#fexit #attachment #leavingfacebook

Reminder to myself.
Something is out of my control and I don't like it. I just need to relax, nothing is under control.. keep the faith.. stop pounding the drum of the negative.. have pure thoughts.. be kind and gentle even when frustration and impatience bubbles to the surface.. be humble.. humiliated.. it's better.. Everything will be okay. ^

£2.50 in asda right now
Not cold pressed
Extra virgin
Or organic
But still better than your average mouthwash, anti dandruff, moisturizing lotion, lube, cooking oil, etc.
Not sure where the coconuts are from, gonna have to look, one's from thailand aren't likely to be vegan as they use monkeys to pick them and I can't imagine they get paid or do it for shits n giggles.
Got a load on my head
And a load in my mouth
Some benefits in the comments v

I'm terrible
I'm frequently declining offers of tea
Tap water is chlorinated right?
So every time you drink it it kills your good gut bacteria, am I wrong? I'm only interested in the truth. No good gut bacteria to fight the bad bacteria is a no bueno amiright? You want a good shaggy wolf thing to keep the other wolves from the door.
What else turns me off of tap water. Unwanted metals. Or plastics. From the pipes they travel in. It also gets stressed out from it's journey. Haha. Crazy right? It's been through hell to get to yor tap. Filtering calms it down, I guess. Water stored in copper is good for this. Spring water is more energized or activated than stressed. I might be talking shit, who cares. What else? People's medications that haven't been filtered out. Ick. And above all.. it tastes shitty when you mostly drink filtered or bottled spring. Thoughts? Experiences? Is the struggle real 4 u or are you not bothered? I am open to the idea that it's too little of a concern to bother about. I hope it is! Got shit to do..
#water #cleanwater #tapwater #chlorine #heavymetals #ukwater #waterfilters #springwater #vegan #health #biohackers #guthealth #goodbacteria #gutflora #naturalhealth #naturalhealing #carbon #shungite #copper

I was being punished for something
Past drunkenness or blasphemy
I was put under some sort of house arrest / foster care
In her house, why?
It was okay at first
I figured I could redeem myself
At least in my eyes
I waited for a glimpse
It eluded me for quite some time
But then I got it
It was like an elevator door closing as she mouthed "I love you" and without hesitation I replied the same.
Then the other misfits arrived. I've got to share this place? What does that mean?
One guy started fapping 1 body away on the bunk. Eww, I bailed over the side but some jizz hit me on the hand. I scrambled down the stairs in a panic. Dan from school was there. He was part of this program. Why? Schoolboy guilt?
I went back. Another boy started peeing at me. This was weird. I needed to get out. But then I would fail? I went on a mission with the boys. Tried to blend in. We were to steal some supplies - i forget what. There was a whole ocean's 11 style break in. The alarms went. We scattered. I was immediately recaptured.