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Tiniest Living Unicorn  A miniature rescue horse with dwarfism on a mission to speak up for rescue horses everywhere and live a magical life with her besties ✨💓🦄 #ponypower

Who’s ready for summer?! Here’s some tips for keeping your ponies cool in the heat!
The obvious- shade and water!
Only work with your horses in the early morning or afternoon.
A cool bath is always a favorite!
Provide cool water with electrolytes.
On trailer rides, dump a bag of ice cubes on the floor of the trailer, this will help cool everything down (but be careful, too many underfoot or for tiny hooves can be slippery!).
Fans in stalls keeps the air moving and helps with the heat.
Protect your light-skinned horses from sunburn baby sunscreen!
Or, my personal favorite, dress up like a hula dancer, and take a splash in a pool!
Disclaimer- please don’t actually take your horses into pools. Unless it’s a horse pool. If you have a real horse pool than you’re very lucky. 🌺

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Back when Caliber was just a big ball of marshmallow fluffiness, he loved to have pool parties with Chloe and all their ducky toys. Now the pair enjoys more refined activities in their older age, such as going on long walks around the property and enjoying apple slices with the gentleman horses at the ranch. 👵🏼👴🏼 #poolparty #fluffy #puppy #duckies #pony #cute #toocute #tb #throwback #Saturday #pool #pink #splash #babies #cutenessoverload #fat #puppies #greatpyrenees #fluffball #toocute #ponypower

Happy Friday everyone! Can you spot the bird in my flower crown? She’s my friend. Her name is Elizabeth. 🌸🌼🌺
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Throwback to my first 4th of July with baby Caliber! We had to get our nap in before the fireworks started 🇺🇸#happy4thofjuly

Happy 4th of July!!! Today is exactly ONE YEAR since we rescued Liberty and her mom, Glory, from an extremely neglected home in the middle of Texas. Liberty was born with a deformed leg that could have been corrected at birth, but wasn’t, and when she first came here, she couldn’t even walk on her leg it was so painful, as seen in the first clip. In the second clip, record today, Liberty is letting freedom ring! A year of vet visits, supplements, TLC, and the work of an amazing farrier, Liberty is pain free and able to RUN, something we didn’t think she’d be able to ever do. Libby, you’re a firework! 🗽🇺🇸💋 #liberty #4thofjuly #indepenceday #july #libertyandjusticeforall #katyperry #firework #sparklers #happy4thofjuly #happy4th #july4 #horse #pony #run #miracle #fireworks #redwhiteandblue #america #americanflag #statueofliberty #tinybutmighty

Let’s vote!
Which is, in your opinion, the cutest photo of Chloe? Which photo makes unicorns dance around your head and rainbows shoot from your heart? This is an important study for the Chloe Foundation. Thank you for your time 🦄🌈 ❤️ #cutecontest #vote #takeavote #cute #cutest #photo #horses #tinybutmighty #equestrian #poolparty #collage #takeyourpick #mini #monday #adorable #toocute #theresnochloefoundation #fyi

Chloe has made two new best friends! The older gentlemen on the ranch have taken Chloe and Liberty under their wing, and they are teaching the girls everything they need to know about how to be proper horses, but also how to be terribly mischievous, seen in the second picture, where they lead them on a raid to break out of their pen and go eat the new hay delivery straight out of the truck.
Now, of course there are some obvious concerns with a horse that is 6hh (24inch) tall hanging out with a horses that is 16hh (64inch) tall. If Romeo was to kick Chloe, he could easily snap her leg in half or kill her. SO this decision did not come easily, we have been very slowly introducing Chloe to the big horses ever since she was weaned, 8 months ago. I have known Romeo and Durango for 5 years and know their personalities completely. And you should see how they act around the girls, it’s amazing. They completely understand that they are much smaller than them and treat them with so much respect. Durango is 29 years old and arthritis that prevents him from kicking. Durango’s a tough old man and won’t back down to a fight, but obviously Chloe and Liberty aren’t going to pick a fight with him! Romeo has not even laid his ears back at the girls, over the last five years he has been living with babies and miniatures of all shapes and sizes and he really understands how to behave around them. The reason I’m saying all this is, 1. I want to ensure you that we are not making a reckless decision with Chloe, and 2. When I ran the rescue, I highly advised that miniatures should not live with full sized horses. And I still stand by that, unless you are in this unique situation where you are positive and knowledgeable about every aspect of the horses involved. There is still a possibility that Chloe could get hurt by her new friends-rather than living with disabled Liberty comes with no risk of injury, but Chloe’s happiness is just as important as her safety and she loves her new boyfriends/mentors/grandpas so much and they are truly the safest horses out of any full sized horse I know for her to be with. Oh, and check out the last photo and try and spot creepy Caliber! 🦄🐴🐴 🐴

A miniature with dwarfism (just like Chloe) is getting another chance at life- let’s all make a donation to help him!
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Today, @ellenthedodo and I drove 7 hours to Niagra Falls NY for a very special rescue mission. Tomorrow, we will be picking up a 3 week old foal. This baby is a dwarf pony who was born with deformed legs. Sadly, his previous owner was going to have him euthanized. Thankfully, @steffys_funnyfarm found out about him and asked the farmer if she could take him to give him a chance. He agreed. We begged and pleaded to be able to bring his mom with him, but he repeatedly refused. This baby is currently in Canada and will be crossing the border tomorrow into the US to come to Twist of Fate and get the care he needs. So, why have we traveled so far to help this baby? When most people would likely opt to euthanize this baby. Euthanisia does NOT have to be the only option for him. This baby deserves a chance to live his best possible life and I know, here, we can give him that. Tomorrow, we will meet with Stefanie to pick him up and then head back home. He has a long road ahead of him, but he will have the best support team behind him. Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates! He needs to have braces made for his legs and will have many vet appointments in his future. To donate towards this rescue, our PayPal is or Venmo us @ TwistofFateFarmandSanctuary 💚

Thank you everyone so much for the support, you all are absolutely wonderful. Chloe loves you xoxo

What this account will become:
Now that Chloe is no longer the “Official Pony President of Mini Miracles Horse Rescue” (although she will always be a resident), Chloe is still going to use her little bit of fame to promote other rescues and share about other horses in need or rescuing or homes. Haven’t quite worked out the details, but we will having things like “Donate Wednesdays” or “Rescue Feature Friday”. I will still be posting all about Chloe and her awesome adventures, her and her bestie Liberty, her guard dogs Caliber and Calamity, and two other horse that will make appearances on this account. They will all be properly introduced shortly.

And I want to remind all of you of my favorite quote- “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss. I don’t want any of you to be sad that the rescue is closing. We were given such an amazing opportunity to change 38 horse’s lives forever, including Chloe’s. I’m just so happy that Mini Miracles Horse Rescue is something that happened, that it wasn’t just a forgotten dream. It may not have worked out in the end, but what it did is irreplaceable.
Now, enough with the seriousness. Here is baby Chloe sleeping in the sand looking like a patchwork quilt, spooning with her poodle. Who is ready for the new chapter of @clipclopchloe?!?? 🦄💓✨ #tinybutmighty
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This is an official and important announcement from Mini Miracles Horse Rescue. Please swipe to read everything.
A summary-
Mini Miracles Horse Rescue is closing due to financial reasons.
Chloe and Liberty will be moving with us to South Carolina.
We love you all so much. Thank you for coming with us on this journey.
More info on what will happen to this account to come.

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What a day with my besties. First, we went on a long walk around the park. Then, we went shopping and tried on shoes (Caliber said it made my butt look big. How rude). Last but not least, we all got drinks together. What a day! 🦄🐶🐶 #bestdayever #bestfriends #horses #equine #pony #princess #chloe #dog #unusualfriends #walk #shopping #drinks #funday #bestfriendgoals

It’s never too late to post about your best friends, especially on #NationalBestFriendsDay!! Of course Liberty is my best horse friend, but she was off flirting with one of the geldings. So here’s the most amazing dog friends and personal body guards a pony could ask for! (Don’t worry about Caliber’s haircut, he’s working out some stuff). 🦄🐶🐶 #bestfriend #nationalbestfriendday #bestfriendday #bestfriends #friendsforever #mydogismybestfriend #playtime #puppies #dogs #horses #equine #caliber #calamity #chloe #bff #truelove

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