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Cliff Mautner  Former photojournalist, Wedding photographer, Nikon Ambassador United States, photographic educator near Philadelphia. Contact cliff@cmphotography.com


Literally, the best seat in the house here at The Phoenician. I may be the only Eagles fan in the house. No sound on the TV but I’ll have Merrill and Mike in the AirPods. LETS DO THIS!!!!

My Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp for April 24th-26th still has slots open. This may be my only Bootcamp for 2018. It takes place in my Haddonfield, NJ studio, just outside of Philadelphia. One of the main topics in the curriculum is the use of off camera flash. Now, it’s simple enough to learn how to fire a flash off camera. The key, however, is obtaining the desired balance between that flash and the ambient light in the room. ⠀
Over the years, and through trial and error, I’ve refined my teaching to make sure each and every student leaves with a clear understanding of what they’ll need to do in order to execute this on their own, under the pressure of real world situations where you’ll need to react instantly. For info on how to register, go to cmbootcamp.com. This image, taken at a recent wedding, was shot with my Nikon D5, Nikkor 24-120mm F4G with an off camera SB5000 held by my assistant. 1/40th F4.5 @ ISO 1600 #nikonambassador #nikonnofilter #nikonusa #phillyweddings #phillyweddingphotographer #crystaltearoom #finleycatering

Silhouettes are all about gesture, exposure, and separation. This image, shot a few weeks ago of Melissa and Kyle atop the Loews Hotel, works because of their placement within the buildings. It also helps that they're an absolutely amazing couple, and provided me with a plethora of photographic opportunities. Nikon D5, Nikkor 70-200mm F4G, 1/1250th F4.5 @ ISO 125 #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikonnofilter #loewsphiladelphiahotel #phillyskyline #phillywedding #phillyweddingphotographer

Happy Friday everyone! If we aren’t already acquainted, I’m Cliff’s studio manager, Heather. Cliff is always so highly critical of his work, that I thought I’d share my favorites while he’s agonizing (kidding, not kidding) over which images will make the social media cut next. Simply put, I’m drawn to the architecture of this image. It’s easy enough to place your subjects front and center of your lens, but it’s another thing entirely to utilize the environment to emphasize emotion and the subtlety of the their embrace.
Beth El Temple / Hartford, CT / 11.18.17
Nikon D5, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G,1/160, f/2.8 @ ISO1600. #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikonnofilter #wedding #weddingphotography #ctwedding #photography #novemberwedding #fallwedding #brideandgroom #realwedding #weddingphotographer

Photographer friends may ask, what makes in person learning different from online learning? At my bootcamp, there is true, hands on demonstration and instruction. I will literally make sure you see the light, compose for the light, and expose for the light. Many people are visual learners. Sometimes they need to be placed in a situation before they can understand what needs to be done. I'll guide you through the steps needed to produce images like this, and then you'll understand how to implement them into YOUR style.⠀

That's the goal of my workshop- to empower you with the skills needed to improve and develop your style. We don't hand you images with styled shoots. We allow you to take the knowledge away so you can make them on your own.⠀

There are still slots for the April 24-26, 2018 Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp. #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikonnofilter cmbootcamp.com

Throughout my career, I can point to a handful of families that I’d consider “pillars” for my business. Ashley’s family is certainly one of those pillars. I have been privileged to work with her family, in one way or another, many, many times, and finally, it was time to work with Ashley this past year. Those who know her understand that she has a unique way of expressing herself, and that her beauty and humor are actually surpassed by her intellect. All I know is that I felt like one lucky bastard to have worked with these folks for the past 13 years or so. This was taken on her wedding day with my Nikon D5, Nikkor 70-200mm F4.0G, 1/250th F4.5 @ ISO 1000. #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #philadelphiawedding #phillyweddings #phillybride

Iconic view from the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia. The lovely Melissa, from this past Saturday. Shot with my Nikon D850, Nikkor 70-200mm F4.0G 1/320th F4.5 @ ISO250. I seldom crop my images, but thought this worked better than the original horizontal. I also didn't feel like cloning out more spots on the dirty windows :-) #nikon #nikonusa #nikonambassador #nikonnofilter #nikonD850 #phillywedding #loewshotel #phillyskyline

I know I sound like a broken record, but have I mentioned how much I love the Nikkor 105mm 1.4E ED? Yeah. I have. But it’s actually changed the way I shoot. I have always relied upon my 70-200 for my wedding portrait work. The compression, and my ability to control my composition was so simple to achieve with that focal length. However, my adoration for the look that the 105 gives me exceeds my desire for compression. The isolation is provided with the shallow depth of field, and it’s still long to control what’s within my frame. This image was taken a few weeks back from a wedding at The Logan Hotel in Philadelphia. Lindsay and Dan were great together, and they gave me a ton to work with. This was shot with my Nikon D5, Nikkor 105mm F1.4E ED, 1/1250 F1.4 @ ISO 200. #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #philadelphiabride #phillyweddings #philadelphiaweddings #theloganhotel

Such a great venue for a wedding. 1 hotel brooklyn bridge @1hotels, offers the best view of lower Manhattan. Such an elegant location. Congrats Jennifer and Amir! Nikon D850 Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8G 1/25th F4.5 @ ISO 320. Off camera fill with Nikon SB-5000. #nikonambassador #nikonnofilter #nikonusa #newyorkwedding #brooklynwedding #brooklynweddingphotographer #dumbo #manhattanskyline

Wedding today near Hartford CT. It's so cloudy that it's practically dark. Great day for my Stella pro light and my Nikon 105 F1.4E. It's powerful enough to add a gorgeous quality of light in just about every situation. This was from a few weeks ago with the Stella behind this awesome couple who were married at The Barnes Foundation. It adds just the right amount of kicker to produce texture. Nikon D5 Nikon 105 F1.4E ED 1/2000th F1.4 @ISO 320. #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #barnesfoundation #philadelphiaweddingphotographer #philadelphiawedding

The Barnes Foundation, home to one of the most spectacular collections of art on the planet, has quickly become one of my favorite venues to shoot a wedding. I generally don’t like to disturb clients during a reception. However, if there’s a cool picture that can be a scene setter, I’ll give the client an option to step outside for a moment. I will take no more than 5 minutes from the time we step out, to the time they’re back into their party. Here, Gillian and Alex ran outside with me to grab a shot at the reflecting pool with Center City Philadelphia as a backdrop. It’ll make a cool end to their album! Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-120mm F4G, 1/13th F4.5 @ ISO 2500. #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikon #nikonnofilter #nikonlove #nikonD850 #philadelphiaweddings #philadelphiawedding #philadelphiaskyline @barnesfoundation #barnesfoundation

Ever since I put my Nikkor 105 F1.4E ED lens in my bag, I have found myself going to it more and more. It’s making my 70-200 quite jealous. For those who’ve taken my workshops, or listened to a seminar, you know how much I advocate using longer lenses. However, this 105 is the single best lens I’ve ever uses, and it has a look like no other. When accompanied with the new Nikon D850, it’s an incredibly powerful combination for portraiture. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this 105 is just how sharp it is wide open. ⠀

More times than not, I’m shooting it at 1.4 just because I have total confidence that it’ll be sharp. This image, shot on an engagement session, was shot at 1/500th F1.4 @ ISO 640. Remember to set your shutter speed a tad faster to prevent motion blur due to the enormous resolution when shooting the D850. #nikonambassador #nikonusa #nikonnofilter #nikonlove #nikon #nikonD850 #philadelphiaweddings #phillyweddings #philadelphiaengagement

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