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It's crazy to think it's been 10 months since we moved into our home. The more I get to know my neighbors the more I am compelled with compassion and love to figure out what I can do to make a difference in my community. I've been studying and researching my town, and I've learned that 96% of our population is minority, there is a 61% high school graduation rate, the neighborhood schools are not performing well, residents are frustrated, we are in the middle of a food desert, and the kids have nothing to do, resorting to making poor decisions. My heart is heavy. And after all that has happened this past weekend, I'm all the more compelled to use my voice and make a difference. Especially as a person of color, and a Jesus lover, I can't stand silent. This past Sunday while at @soulcitychurch, the founder of @ijm, Gary, spoke on God's passionate heart for justice and His goodness. He shared the story of the little boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish. And he asked asked us this question, "What do you have and will you give it to Him, so He can do the miracle." That totally pulled on my heart strings because all this time I've been telling God I don't have the resources to do anything. That this idea I have is too big. The funny thing is He didn't ask me if I had it figured out, He's just asking me to be obedient. Well friends, please keep me in prayer as I begin to take the next steps in making this idea a reality. I'll share more later, but please just pray. That I would have boldness and walk in obedience to what He is asking of me!
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We are looking for stories to share! Have an inspiring story? Know someone who has an inspiring story? You can fill out the application by clicking the link in profile! You don't have to be in the Chicagoland area in order to share your story!
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3/3 Last year, we were having a hard time with our landlord. In my time with the Lord, He reminded me of my promise to Him. I was hesitant and scared as I didn't want to make the same mistakes. I told God that if we looked into buying a home again, our mortgage would have to be the same price as our current rent. Which didn't give us a big budget, but we wanted to be wise and not go beyond our means. All at the same time, I met @kimhowardrealestate who connected us to @nickmagiera. They walked with us during the whole purchasing process and basically held my hand along the way! 🤣 Let's just say searching for a new home brought up a lot of emotions that I had buried from when we lost our first home. As the search continued, the less I believed we could find a home that met all our requests, as well as, be in our price point. Right when we were about to give up (b/c winter was approaching) a home popped up! It seemed too good to be true. We immediately setup a viewing and I kid you not it had everything we asked for including a carport for our trailer! 6 weeks later we closed on our home, and our total mortgage was $1 less than our rent!!! When we got to our closing it hit me...2016 was our year of jubilee. It was 7yrs later and God redeemed everything we had lost! Isn't he good?!? Photo: @edandaileenphotography
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2/3 I remember sitting on the couch talking to God. I told him that we would never consider buying a home again until we were student loan debt free. Which to me meant never, as I had 100k in student loans alone. But God!!! In 2012, Sallie Mae settled with us, and again we had family who partnered with us to pay off the remaining balance. But we still had a small amount left on a few other loans. In which, we were dedicated to paying it off. In 2014 we went to a budget bootcamp hosted by @soulcitychurch and it was the first time I learned how to save and created a plan to finish paying of my last student loan. And in April 2016 we were officially student loan debt free. But by this point I completely forgot my promise with God.
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1/3 More than 5 million people lost their homes during the Great Recession and I am one of those people. In 2009, we faced the hardest season of our lives. Between a flood that caused mold to grow everywhere and facing foreclosure, we were left homeless and with barely any possessions. After our mold inspection, we were told to only take what could be washed. We had to start all over again. I remember crying and wondering,"Will it get better?" Luckily we were surrounded by a great group of friends who walked along side us. We found a beautiful apt that we slowly furnished. For years we slept on a new mattress on the floor because simply buying a new bed set just wasn't something we could do. And as time went on, we healed but something new emerged out of us. This was when we learned that possessions meant nothing in comparison to community and togetherness. The American Dream, while attainable, was no longer our desire. We entered a quest of living simply, and intentionally. We bought everything off of Craigslist or vintage stores. And before we knew it, a new found joy was birthed.
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That time me and @shop_hope25 collaborated on a shoot together! (I'm the worse at selfies) Please help me pray ever so hard for my friend Melissa!!! She's been admitted into the hospital! Help me pray for supernatural healing, for blood to flow as it's suppose to, that every cancerous nodule would be gone in Jesus name. That a total and complete healing would take place. I believe in a God who can do anything. He is the great physician!!! #clickforhope #giveback #sharingstories #cancersucks #metastaticbreastcancer

Did you know that @clickforhope is made possible because of my businesses: @jaziphoto and @jaziphotobooth?!? I truly believe in the power of a story and love that I get to volunteer my time to share your stories. But there's still a cost to make it work and I'm just so grateful that after all these years @clickforhope has been able to give back more and more each year. I've made it a personal goal to give more than I bring in. Im excited to share that so far in 2017 we've been able to share 31 stories. 😍 This makes my heart so happy and I'm so honored that you have opened yourselves up to sharing some deep intimate pieces of yourselves with me and on the blog!
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Can I be honest?!? The word "hustle" has never really sat well in my soul. I know it's a popular word and so engrained in our language and culture, but as I've wrestled with this word, I decided to comb through scripture to see if I could find a word that fits my life as I'm on a quest to live simply and intentionally. I don't long to hustle but rather be diligent in everything that I do. I long to take each task and be attentive and persistent. I want to persevere through every circumstance with open hands knowing that I'm learning, growing, and walking in grace. So today I take it slow, take a deep breath as I get through my list, knowing that my God is greater! #clickforhope #sharingstories #sharinghope #diligent #saynotohustle #livingsimply #livingintentionally

This video pretty much sums up our experience in El Salvador back in May (be sure to watch the full video at the link in profile). I had the honor in going with a small team from @soulcitychurch where I got to photograph and my husband filmed the story. Before going we asked ourselves, "What's the story we want to tell?" I love when God just asks us to trust and surrender. In turn, He connects the dots and uses us to bring forth inspiration and a story we couldn't have been able to share by our own power. Being able to go and help capture this story is something I'm so passionate about, and getting to go on a global trip with my husband for the first time in 16 years made it all the more special. I hope to take what I learned and be an unstoppable force in my own community.
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These past several months I haven't been feeling well. With extreme fatigue, body aches, depression, dizziness and more I finally went to the doctor. She found that my thyroid is enlarged. Today I went for an ultrasound and now am waiting to hear back for the plan. Getting on meds is something I've been avoiding but it's probably time that I do. Praying for wisdom and the right choice for my body and health!
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Had my therapy session this morning, and it's finally beginning to feel "normal." On the day of my sessions, I have a fight in my soul that wants to pull away and not show my real self. I'm finding the courage to be honest with where I'm at no matter how ugly it may seem. We've had a lot of breakthrough as I continue to connect to my little girl and allow Jesus to heal me! There's a lot of work to do, but I'm excited for all that He has already done!
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Ran into my beautiful friend at the park and we were totally twinning it today!!! @bettywalker you are a sweet soul and so grateful to have you in my life.
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