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Click For Hope  Hey, it’s Jasmine creator of Click For Hope. I am now sharing all of our stories @authenticadventureco! I believe everyone has a story & it matters!

Friends! Just in case you missed it, please follow me at @authenticadventureco! I'll be moving forward with sharing all of our stories there!!! #clickforhope #giveback #blogger #chicagoblogger

Long post alert!!!
Wow....we've officially been in 2018 for 4days and I really don't have the words to explain how I feel for this next season. I started Click For Hope back in 2011 to inspire and encourage others to know their stories matter. I've identified that is my core purpose in life and won't ever deviate from it. What I didn't know was during our biggest campaign in April, (sexual assault awareness month) would be the most challenging mental health season for me, I was suffering from PTSD, memories I had forgotten about, headaches, disassociation, crying and so much more. I believe it was during this season that the Lord told me, "For so long you have focused on the stories of others, but it's time you focus on yours. It's time for me to heal you," and I was ready for whatever that looked like. I just knew, I needed professional help. And in May, I finally found the courage to connect with someone and began seeing her in June. I'm experiencing this beautiful healing, and along the way it has helped me to identify the things I really want in life. Which is being more authentic, and sharing all of who I am in one place. You guys I just can't keep up with it all, with so many different social media accounts, only sharing bits and pieces of me on each one. So I went on a journey with my hubby and wondered what it would look like if we had one website that showcased all of who we are in one space....where family, faith, and creativity collide. And thus @authenticadventureco was born! As I continue to dig deep and plan for 2018, this insta will be on hiatus. I hope you'll come on over to @authenticadventureco as I'll be sharing more of my story there, along with any future Click For Hope shoots....which I have 5 stories waiting to get shared. Thanks friends for all your love and support along the way!!! #authenticadventures #clickforhope #sharingstories #giveback #chicagoblogger #faithblogger #healingmyself #mentalhealth #mystorymatters

My friend. I miss you already! -
We will be celebrating her life tomorrow at @soulcitychurch at 1pm. If you are local to Chicago, and was impacted by her legacy! Please come!!! #chicago #myfriend #cancersucks #grieving #grievingfriend #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancersurvivor #fighter

Sneak peek alert of the 6 most sweetest families ever! Saturday was amazing. It was filled with such love and happiness. I'm so grateful to be trusted and that I get to share their stories. More coming soon....
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My heart is so full, today I was able to photograph 6 single parent families! All the little's did great too. I especially had an amazing assistant, thanks Heather! So, why do I do this? Well, because I believe everyone has a story and it matters. I was also raised by a single momma and know she would have loved a free family photo shoot. This is my way of giving back, my way to say, I see you, and want you to know you are loved, and have purpose. You can do this! You've got this!!! #clickforhope #singlemom #singlemomma #singleparents #giveback #changetheworld #bethechange #singledad #familyphotos #familymatters #photographer #familyphotographer #bosslady #bossmom #creativemom #inspireothers #bringinghope

Just want to give a high five to all the single parents out there. I see you, and want to love on you during this holiday season. It's our annual single parent mini sessions, and I have 10 slots to fill. It's taking place on Dec. 2nd in the Chicagoland Area from 9am-11am. Exact details on location coming soon, but if you'd like to be a part of it be sure to click the link in profile to share your story. Oh and I almost forgot to say, this is a complimentary shoot. So there's no cost to you for this mini photo shoot! This is my small way of giving back to single parents, as my mom was a single mom for my entire life, and family photos wasn't something we were able to do. Be sure to tag a friend, or share this with them!
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I've been in the same small group for 3 sessions now and man has each book discussion been on point for the season of life I'm in. When my co-lead suggested this book I was a little apprehensive because I wasn't sure that I was really in a season of waiting. Boy was I wrong....literally after we decided this to be our book discussion, I found myself in a waiting season. Waiting for answers, for clarity, for the plan, for a diagnosis, I just wanted it to be better now! Well we are a month in and I still no clarity or plan, I'm waiting. And friends, there's always a lesson in waiting. This time, I want to learn how to wait well. I want it to draw me closer to God. To trust his ways, and know he wants to talk to me in the midst of it all...the question is will I make "my wait" my god?!? #clickforhope #waitandsee #smallgroup #momsinbusiness #waitingseason #shareyourstory #trustinggod

Are you in a season of waiting?!? Waiting for healing? A spouse? A child? A job? Financial stability? No matter where we find ourselves, may we be inspired by the word of God in Galatians 5:22-23 (amplified) which challenges us to know that patience is not the ability to wait, but how we act while waiting. As we abide in Him, the vine, fruit should be the by product in being connected to Him, and patience is one of those fruits. Oh how I long for patience to hang off of my branch. How about you?!? 🙋🏻
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Meet my beautiful friend Caroline! She's the one that inspired me to gather a group of ladies who have Alopecia. She connected me with some friends, and viola! Before I knew it we had 7 ladies of all ages in the studio sharing stories over tacos! I'm forever grateful for this amazing opportunity to share her story and so many others. To read her story head on over to this link:
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Wise words from Amy," Let yourself grieve the loss of your hair. You are losing something that has always been a part of your life. Then, reach out to others." Head on over to the blog to read her full story by clicking the temp link in profile or going here:
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Resharing Katie's story with you guys! Head on over to the blog to read her story click the temp link in profile or go to
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It's Alopecia Awareness Month and I'll be resharing these beautiful ladies' stories. They are beautiful and I have loved getting to know them all. It's been over a year since we took these photos, and with many I am still in contact with. So much has changed, with Facebook/ support groups growing in numbers, news opportunities, modeling and so much more!
Styling: @cochicstyling
Makeup: @jacquelinegamache
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