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Jiji & Jude  Raising cats like dogs. 🐾 Jiji- Born 3/14/17 Jude- Born 5/14/17 CPDT-KA 🐕

Thanks to some preemptive training, Jude knows the fancy new couch is for napping on and not scratching on (even though the fabric looks similar to one of their posts). 🙌

Recently @laura.monaco.torelli shared photos of her kitties learning to scratch on cue, and I thought that was so brilliant I wanted to do the same with our boys! We recently got a new couch with a very tempting texture for cat claws, so rewarding them for targeting appropriate scratching posts is a perfect way to prevent any furniture tragedies. .
Since scratching is already reinforcing for cats, I’m excited to see if putting it on cue can be worked into training sessions to reinforce other behaviors?(Apologies for the awful video quality! Our lighting is way too dim for filming after the sun goes down.)

Jiji volunteered to product test all the cat trees @petsmart. He deeply misunderstands our budget and wanted to go home with all of them.

We’ve been slowly but surely trapping all of the feral cats in our neighborhood. Today we managed to get this little lady who the neighbors have named Roxy. She’s not only VERY trap savvy, but she’s Jude’s mom! We believe she’s mostly deaf and we’ve seen her exhibit the same skin rolling that Jude experiences. No more babies for you, Roxy! #tnr #feralcat #spayandneuter

I love teaching some kind of “start button” for training, and for these two it’s their stationing behavior. You can see about halfway through this video Jude decides to opt in on the session by hopping up on his station (the far book). We obviously don’t speak the same language as our learners in the animal training world, and it’s important to give them some way of communicating “I want to play the training game!” as well as “I’ve had enough for today.” Choice is such a powerful reinforcer.

Side note I’ve gotten some questions about how to train more than one animal at the same time, and for me having reliable station skills is SO important, no matter the species. It took time and multiple one-on-one sessions with both cats to get them to this point, but it was worth every minute of training.

Jude’s tired and panting after playtime with #dabird, even in the air conditioned living room.

Training is the key to multi-species cooperation. Tito loves his feline sister Chibi and thinks she’s playing when she swats at him and runs away. Here Tito is practicing settling on his mat while Chibi runs by, and Chibi is gaining confidence moving near him and inadvertently learning some stationing. Everybody wins! 🙌

Zephyr the four month old ridgeback’s parents scheduled private training specifically to work on positive handling before any of that handling actually happens! It’s so nice to see clients investing in their dogs’ futures by preventing problems instead of trying to fix them after the fact. Today she started learning a chin rest, learned how to offer her paws voluntarily, and was introduced to the sounds and sights of the dremel. #clickertraining #forcefreetraining #fearfree #rhodesianridgeback

High fives abound @anaheimfeed. 🙏

Jiji’s first visit to @blickfullerton and the staff there were all so lovely with him! ❤️ #clickertraining #forcefreetraining #catonaleash #blackcatsofinstagram #adventurecat #blick @blickartmaterials

Can you guess what we’re working on? 🙀 (Apologies to Jude for my horrible treat throwing in the middle of the video. It bounced around the corner and being the food obsessed thing he is of course he HAD to find it before we continued.)

Jiji’s reaction to seeing strangers in the park: tail up and running at them whether they actually want to say hi to him or not. He gets so sad when they aren’t as excited to see him as he is to see them. 💔

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