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No need to follow this page πŸ˜‰  I don't plan to post here. If you're here for the giveaway, please kindly proceed to my Facebook and/or Twitter accounts (both named @cleverpolish) ✌️

Hi all! I don't plan to post anything to this account. You are not required to follow this account for my giveaway. I am considering changing my gingers_nails account name to cleverpolish, but I'm undecided. So, I'm just holding the account name here. 😁
If you read the rules in my giveaway post at @gingers_nails (which are a bit confusing. I apologize for that. I thought I was being unique and offering more chances to win, but it's quite complicated instead πŸ˜…).... You will see that cleverpolish is the name of my Twitter and Facebook page. Please go follow/like there instead. πŸ˜™

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