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Don’t you love it when the girls catch you completely unawares...☀️🕶😝 #candid #posingsforlosers #extraAF #summerstyle

26... where do I begin. It’s been the most terrifying and also wonderfully magical adventure in equal measure. If I am more sure of anything than I have ever been it’s that I know less than I ever could have imagined. I am a walking, talking contradiction and happy about it. These are a few things that I can say by now, that I’m pretty sure of though.
Change your mind, about everyone and everything , every day if you must. Contrary to what I once thought, it does not make you superficial or flippant... it means that you are growing, and there is no goodness without growth. That which never changes is stubborn and stagnant and better to be continually reviewing your perspective than to be stuck.
Be as kind and as non-judgemental as humanly possible, to everyone you encounter. One day you will make questionable decisions of your own and you will wish more than anything in the world for the understanding and compassion of those around you. Be nice.
Realise that every single person you meet will have a different idea of what happiness is. Don’t ever allow someone else’s view to make you feel that what happiness means to you,is wrong. Life is so short and no one really gives a shit if you’re miserable so so long as you aren’t deliberately causing pain to anyone, you might as well do whatever brings you joy.
On that note, I have learnt that most of the things that make life worth living are on the other side of fear. Do not let the notion of failure, or especially other people’s opinions,stop you from living a life that is authentically yours. This is a difficult one and I struggle with it constantly, but if there’s one thing that scares me more than anything else , it’s the thought of being 85 and looking back on life’s moments with a heart full of regret.
Living in a small town, it’s easy to want to conform; but individuality is to be celebrated, not sneered at and those who are sneering are usually the ones who dream of living a life as fully as those who dance to the beat of their own drum. 🥁 ♥️🦋🌿 #26 #lessons #journey #stilllearning

She got it from her aunty 😎♥️ #amaya #mybaby #alfandroe

I used to cringe at the thought of doing a shoot- but when it comes to supporting girl bosses like this one- it’s my absolute favourite thing to do. I feel so lucky every day to be constantly reminded of the power of women. @erinroseart - you are incredible. This was all you and your vision and I am so disgustingly smug and happy to have been able to be a part of it. I know all you guys have heard of it already- but if you haven’t , please go check out @alfandroe. You’re not just buying vintage, you’re supporting an amazing female who helps so many of those around her to flourish and to grow! 🌟👏🏾👑 #vintage #model #alfandroeforever

Have a great day gals!! Today you can handle whatever life may throw your way... We got this!! 🙌🏾😊👯‍♀️ #grlpwr #goodmorning

a great day for feminism. ♥️ #illdrinktothat #longliveirishwomen #sauvblanc

Savita matters; Anne Lovett matters; the women in the Magdalene Laundries matter, and all the ladies who came before and after them matter too. We matter- and the women and men of Ireland have shown that today! Such solidarity- it’s gorgeous! Let’s hope for all our sakes that the North will soon follow too. A beautiful moment in history. ♥️💕☘️ #equality #REPEALED

I read an article before that said that if men could get pregnant, abortions would be available on every street corner and I remember thinking how true that was... This picture was taken a year ago today and I think of the brilliant woman who took this photograph and the amazing lady who provided me with clothes to wear- passionate, kind, full of complexities and contradictions but above all, like most of the women in my life , just trying their hardest in any way they can, to do their best and live their lives without judgement. Although personally, I have had the incredible luck of never having had to consider an abortion, my heart aches for all the women in this country north and south who have been less fortunate and who have experienced the shame, the pain and the unimaginable suffering that has been caused by not having full bodily autonomy in their home land. I support the right of every person to make decisions for themselves based on their own religious beliefs, moral standing and individual values, but I resent the idea of any person forcing those upon any body else.
What any woman on this island chooses to do with their own body, is absolutely not the business of any one else. Not mine, not yours. I am so hopeful for the future and emboldened by the new generation of men and women who I know will fight to give us the equal rights that we so truly deserve.
Here’s to hoping that Ireland votes a big fat YES tomorrow. Yes to a future of equality; yes to a future without shame and yes to a future minus all the sorrow that has been shouldered by so many women now and up to this day. Might I also add that in many circumstances this has negatively impacted the lives of men too, men who have had to watch their wives be forced to continue with nonviable pregnancies; men who have lost their partners due to the government placing more value upon the life of an unborn child. I am hoping this all ends tomorrow and that we can look back upon these times with pride. ♥️ #repealthe8th #womensrights

when you try it on for the very first time and it fits like this... no nips or tucks needed. What a woman @shaunafaydesigner is. Dressed as a Duchess but felt like a Queen in it. ✨👸🏾 #missionmarkle #irishtalent #shaunfayfit

The amazing @rashidakeenanphotography at work. Yes, @shaunafaydesigner made not just 1 dress in under 24 hours, but two!! What a girl gang! ✨👸🏼👸🏾👸🏻🕊 #receptiondress #stellamccartney #shaunafay

The incredible power of a group of women with an idea... Honoured to wear a creation, handmade by a couple of rockstars who went without sleep for 30 hours straight @shaunafaydesigner @elodybride- your talents know no bounds. Thank you for letting me wear such a special crown @donnamackinmillinery, with a 5carat diamond centre piece from @jackmurphyjewellers. @rosemary_wright & @chocolateblondehair thank you for working your magic on my face and hair. @rashidakeenanphotography , the picture says it all- you’re an angel. Cheers for having me ladies! 👸🏾✨💫🕊🌿 #theroyalwedding #missionmarkle #harryandmeghan #womenonamission #girlpower

I have wanted to post all week and spent a lot of time reading up on facts and statistics and have wept over articles about personal stories of profound loss and grief. I spent a lot of time writing something but decided not to share it out of fear of inserting a single word that may be seen as insensitive to families and individuals who were and are still suffering. It’s the Royal Wedding tomorrow though and so before the importance of this week is forgotten in a ‘what’s Meghan wearing frenzy’, I just wanted to say this. Northern Ireland has the largest suicide rate in the whole of the UK and yet receives 25% less funding for its Mental Health services... Though I don’t wish in any way to minimise the importance and usefulness of vital services, what we learn in social work training, especially at times when resources may be thin, is that we ourselves are a tool for someone; even just offering a listening ear can effect real, positive change. Never underestimate the power that we have, by just making it known that we are there for a friend and never forget the comfort that lies in confiding in the people around us. There is so much strength to be found through sharing... 🦋🌈♥️🌿#mentalhealthawarenessweek

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