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cleowattenstrom  Swedish Tattooer in LA Booking JULY/AUG LA/LONDON S h a n t i T a t t o o V e n i c e C A inquieries 2👇

Done few days ago on Sarena. Thank you! (wrist tattoo not by me)

happy mothers day! I ❤️ u

found this old one taken my friend ryan at @squidpop_produktion 💕

smaller emblem done today! thank you Mark:)

lil peak of Bretts back. some healed some fresh. Thank you Brett💫

Start of St Jude on Norma today:) Thank you!

Eagle on Chris:) Thank you! Will most likley continue out onto his shoulder. On a another note, terrible new yesterday. I got such a big knot in my stomach when i heard about the attack in sweden. my heart goes out to everyone effected:( All i can think about is what if anyone close to me had been walking on that street at the wrong time? i read about all the other messes in the world where many people are killed from attacks every other day it seems, but when something happens where people who are your friends and family live, it feels completly different and very real. I feel even more sympathetic towards those who have to worry about these things regularly and i can even begin to imagine how i would feel if anything had happened to anyone close to my heart. We are all together on this earth! ❤ pray for stockholm!

started adding a second lady on bretts back today. lots more to do but good progress! Thanks Brett:)


Close up🌹thank you Taylor:)

Salvador Dali 👨🏻‍🎨will add a backround next time. Thank you Kyle!

Sneak peak of my private studio in Venice.. almost done! ✨S h a n t i T a t t o o ✨

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