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Reposting this beautiful photo by @kellytalamas of my book Heart Talk having a nice little bath. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to each and every one of you who lets my book be a part of your life. Truly a dream come true. ❤️

Si and I made a new friend out west this weekend. Her name is Scout. 😍

Side note: I am heading to Vancouver for a couple weeks. If you have any favorite restaurants, yoga, or things I should see or do, please let me know in comments below. Wishing you all a happy and relaxing Sunday. I love you.

When I was a little girl, I always noticed that my dad had two round scars on his chest. Every time I asked him about them, he would look away and say “I will tell you when you’re older.” When I got older he told me. He told me that when he was 15 years old he was hanging out in front of his house in the 6th ward of New Orleans and was shot twice in a drive by shooting.
One of the bullets went straight through him and the other remains trapped in his chest. My dad has lived for forty years with a bullet in his body. A painful reminder of that day.
There are too many stories like this in our country. I am grateful my dad was lucky enough to live through his experience, but there have been too many lives taken from us due to gun violence. There are too many families living with grief and loss and trauma.
It is too easy to get a gun in America. It has BEEN too easy to get a gun in America.
We must do better.
I am so proud that I got to stand with @toms earlier this week and tell my dad’s story for the first time (a story I have never even shared with some of my closest friends) at a rally to end gun violence together. Toms has spent the last few months traveling around the country collecting postcards written to members of Congress by Americans in every state demanding universal background checks (legislation over 90% of Americans agree on) They have also committed $5 million to support organizations and initiatives who are committed to ending gun violence including Giffords, The National Black & Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium, March for Our Lives, Everytown for Gun Safety and Mother’s Demand Action.
Today on the one anniversary of the #Parkland shooting, as we reflect on that terrible day, as well as the thousands of lives taken every year due to gun violence...may we all commit to doing something. A letter to your rep, a conversation with a friend or family member. It is on all of us to make America safer for each other. I love you. And I love you dad, thank you for letting me share your story.

Lots and lots. Happy Galentines Day.

From my first love to yours. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Who is getting their #Galentines Day plan together? Whether you are in a relationship or not...let your Valentine’s Day be about showing love to whoever you want (yourself included!) in whatever ways you want. I love you.

Our energy, our words, and our actions either build or destroy our world. Our communities are only as powerful as our desire to build them love, respect, justice, and compassion. Be a builder. We have enough destroyers. I love you very much.

You and me and us.
DC, I can’t wait to be with you tomorrow. I will be saying a few words and as always giving away free hugs all night. I love you. #endgunviolencetogether RSVP in @toms bio

We often give social media the power to allow us to spiral into a place of constant comparison. It’s funny, because when I first wrote that sentence, I wrote: “Social media has the power to...” I erased it and rewrote it because things are only powerful based on the type of energy and attention we give them. Take a look at your media diet. Do the people you follow and give your time to make you feel like you are constantly not good enough? Obsessing over the paths of others is exhausting and is most likely distracting you from your own destiny. Bring your focus to you, learn how to collaborate with yourself, learn how to give yourself pep talks and root for yourself to cross the many finish lines of your life in ways that only you can. There is no one way to get to where you want to go. Do what feels good. Do what feels right. When we do this, we ensure that all of our accomplishments (big, small, or medium) are never achieved without our souls and our hearts present. And I love you very much.

If you have followed my work over the years, then you know that I write almost all of my love poems on this little pink typewriter. Taking her over to the shop today for a tune up, which can only mean one thing... more love poems coming soon. Oh, how I love writing for you. Hope you are having a wonderful day. 💌

We often start the week with goals for things we want to do. What if this week the goal is to just be. Relax into yourself. Allow yourself to be loved by you exactly where you’re at. You deserve it. Oh, and I love you. #hearttalk

New Year, new campaign with my @Aerie fam! And as always, we use no photoshopping or retouching :) I am so happy to go into 2019 standing strong as an #AerieREAL Role Model with so many incredible women I love and admire so much. My favorite days are the ones spent on set getting to meet the other amazing women and learning so much from their strength and their stories. Swipe to meet some of them and also see what they feel their superpowers are (I chose Love obviously!) and on that note I love you so much. Keep on the lookout for some of the community building events we will be doing this year. #AerieReal #AeriePartner

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