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cleofaye peniel  🚀 🙏🏽✌🏽🌚 🌮🛎

Happy Galentine’s Day to my linguistic ladies! Today will be my last day on IG for 40 days. I’ll be on my pager till Easters. 👋🏽 Also happy valentine’s day to my #swedeheart🧀

With a full load and a busy schedule I look forward to Wednesday night small group because of these awesome people and great sermon reviews. ♥️

I just realized I got pictures of this kid’s teeth. A rare sight to see. Wooohoo!

Master of English. Master of selfies Master of best friendship. Happy birthday my dearest @aareeka my life would be so different without you by my side. I love you dearly! Can’t wait to party it up when you get back 😘

semester 2, week 2 grad school ✔️
Me saying bye to sleep but hi to more fun!

Someone please teach us how to golf...we suck and I “accidentally” almost hit 4 bunnies. Like seriously who brings their pets to the driving range 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

Such a joyous celebration! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Sterling! 😍

It was fun while it lasted! Safe travels! See you in a few months. Cuz this Tita bebot and Laila show must go on!

Love them so much.

See food. Eat food.

Happy birthday Bush!!!! You make 30 look terrible! #roasted ! Love you but not romantically 😘

Happy 32 years of marriage to my dearest love birds. 😘 you are couple goals 4 evaaaa