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Cleft Lip & Palate Club  Welcome! This place is for sharing cleft/craniofacial journeys. We are here to educate & celebrate each other. Kick your feet up & stay a while.⭐️

“Hey there! Hope alllllll is well! 😁 so I have a question that I’ve been curious about and I’ve heard it’s an issue with fellow clefties. Idk if you would know, but I’ve been told that snoring is a factor in our lives. I’ll admit i snore, I also got my tonsils out too and apparently that makes it worst. Have you heard anything similar from other people? I think when it comes to insecurities that’s like the nail on the head for me because I can’t control it 😭😭😭” @danny_mic

“Hi, I'm Jihan from Indonesia.. Now, I'm 20 years old, working as a public servant.. Honestly, it's so hard to hear my friends joking with my cleft.. But now, i'll stay calm because I'm #CleftStrong .. Now, I'm enjoy it and trying to build a lot of confidence toward society.. ;) Let's be Friends.” @jpuspitaningrum

But that hair though. 😍😭❤️ @senoritavirgo

“I’ve sent a photo almost a year ago, but going through such a rough year, I decided to share my story again adding my new experiences and realizations. So my name is Maria, I am 18 years old and I come from Greece. I study in the department of education sciences in early childhood, and I was born with a cleft lip. I’ve spent all these 18 years wondering why I wasn’t born “normal”, trying to understand the reason, wishing away the cleft lip. I’ve struggled with low self esteem, and I’m still working on it. But after all, I’ve come to the conclusion that my cleft lip played an important role to the way my personality formed. To the way I think about life, about people, about things, about everything. Being different and standing out of course is hard, but I was lucky enough to have a really supporting group of amazing friends and family who helped me see my worth and understand that I am more than what I see; I am more than my lips. I am more than my reflection on the mirror. What really matters is accepting who you are. Both physically and mentally. That’s what I realized, and what I’m mostly working on. You don’t need anyone else’s acceptance, but yours. I’ve had three total surgeries, I don’t look perfect and I am not perfect. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve made such a progress these last 2 years on the image I’ve had for myself, which has helped me leave my comfort zone and try new things, while becoming a better version of the girl I once was. And at the same time, never really having changed at all. I’m not going to lie, I still have days when I breakdown crying due to my cleft lip. But there are those other days when I feel amazing, I feel confident, I feel beautiful inside and out. Those are the days that are worth it, and I’m trying to make the most out of them, by loving myself exactly the way I am.” @maryft13

Just a little reminder to remember self care for yourself. Make your bed, clean your room, empty out your closet to donate old clothes, put some fresh flowers in your space, play nice music, listen to podcasts, etc! These little things are SO important.

Absolute beauty. @nicola__fnc

Happy weekend everybody! 💛 Please DM me for anything you’d like me to make an informative story about. Topics such as cleft palate issues, speech, plastic surgery, confidence, bullying, volunteering, how to find a cleft team, jaw surgery, lips 👄, braces/orthos, ear tubes, etc.

One of my favorite people on the planet. @jonolanc I heard a rumor that he’s coming to the CCA conference in June 2019. I’ll be there!! I hope to meet him. Who else is coming to the Cleft & Craniofacial Association Retreat in June 2019??! It’s in Phoenix!!! Message me for deets.

“Your @consultant_clinic filler review was super helpful, honey! Thank you so much.. it really amazes me how we clefties all have similar stories in the end.. i mean, apart from the surgical histories we experience, we all got to get to bullies at one point, and we all went through years of unhappiness with our facial features, with the flatness and the unevenness of lips/nose etc.. and in those moments you feel alone, like you’re the only one who’s dealing with all of that negativity, and you know your parents have your back of course, but it’s not the same as having someone who’s been through all of that in person. I really felt the lack of a cleft community growing up, I used to feel extremely alone, even tho I always had a lot of friends, I just couldn’t help but feel different. Anytime I tried to talk to my best friend about how I was feeling about myself, I felt like “yeah, she understands, but doesn’t REALLY know, it’s not the same..” Your job with this community you built on ig is amazing, one of the best things I’ve seen.
Keep up the good job, you’re helping so many of us ♥️♥️ THANK YOU.” @vagante_stravagante

“You don’t even know how your page has brought people together. It’s amazingly inspiring! I would also like to share something with other clefties. I know I shared my story before but, I want to refine it. I want to further share my experience and the road I have been on which has helped me become the person I’m right now.
To start, I have not had anymore surgeries since, approximately, three years ago. There are still things I want to change about my look but, but I’m feeling comfortable with how I look right now. I think I can say that I’m beautiful without sounding too conceited; I want you guys to know you’re all beautiful as well!
I have been able to build this confidence by reflecting on the road I have embarked on to become the person I am now. The physical is also not the the most important part. I can say I’m beautiful because I started believing it. I also believe that a person's personality can have a HUGE impact on that. People will see that you’re happy, see that you look fine and live your life how you want to live it. Open yourself to others and they will see your beauty on the inside and outside.
As my girlfriend Amber once told me, and I'm stealing her quote here... Sorry, not sorry lol, “The cleft doesn’t make you, you make the cleft”. With all that said, there will always be room for improvement to change yourself, use your potential and invest time on bettering yourself. You can be and do whatever you want. Create your own beauty and start believing in it because people will notice that! I also want to share something else with you clefties. Today is my one month anniversary with my girlfriend Amber. We were both born with a cleft. I want to share this with you guys because, for me, it is very special to have a girlfriend that has a cleft too. I honestly never thought about dating a girl with a cleft. Not that I would be against it, but I could not have imagined that I would fall in love with another cleftie. But it happened and it’s truly amazing. I don’t regret anything and I’m actually very happy to have her. I will tell you why. Continued in comment below ⬇️

Please comment below with how many surgeries you’ve had, what your surgeries were for....but more importantly the results of your latest surgeries. Are you happy with your results? Is your cleft palate all in tact as an adult?

“about a week ago I had what I hope will be my last cleft lip and palate surgery at penn state hershey (I say hope because nothing is ever guaranteed). I was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate and this was app my 11 surgery (out of 15 total, I had 4 other non cleft related). Growing up my cleft never seriously bothered me but has started to over the past few months. I think as I get older I am more prone to pick out what I dislike about myself, yet I have learned an inner confidence only God can give and it has kept me sane. I am reaching out to you all as I am a bit desperate for some answers. As you all know, our palates are closed when we are little and from what I know, most of them stay closed. Mine, on the other hand has had a fistula reopen after every surgery. This is quite aggravating as I get older. No one wants to have a permanent hole in the roof of their mouth through their nose. Have any of you guys experienced this? If so how have you dealt with it? My surgery this past week was extensive as my surgeon reopened the roof of my mouth to try to close the fistula once and for all, but alas, I feel it opening again. I would love anyone’s thoughts and experiences with this!!” @sophguthridge

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