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Me ... Really wanting to believe I can sing 🙈. Terrible 🙈😁🙌🏼So let's talk about WINNERS... The real winner today is the Mexican Newspaper reporter that managed to steal not only Brady's Super Bowl jersey this year , but also SUPER bowl 49😂🙈 he apparently had loads of memorabilia. It's mind blowing to me how he was able to get away with all that!!!🙌🏼 The next winner is Jim Harbaugh who said Kaepernick can still win "MULTIPLE SUPERBowls"!!! He just needs a "shot"! Ummmmm no thanks jimmy I'll pass on Kaepernick... Sports update later loves ❤️😘SV👫love Ava Fiore

#AD Hi loves! CLICK LINK IN BIO 🔥March madness action at MYBOOKIE.AG🏀🏀use code: AVA for sign up bonus🔥🔥 sports update: UPSET LOUISVILLE LOSES TO MICHIGAN 73-69🙄😳 🏀 Man city vs LFC draw 1-1⚽️🏒Sid Crosby gets 10th career Hat Trick 🏒GGG wins by decision last night... Remains undefeated 37-0 though I felt it was closer than the judges scored it. 😁SV👫love Ava Fiore

Memory lane from last year with black hair ❤️🤗when all I wore was double sided tape 😂 sports update well March madness is crazy like usual! 💪🏽Capitals clinch playoff spot with win over lightning 😁Giancarlo Stanton put USA 4-2 over Dominican Republic ⚾️ Purdue withstands Iowa's crazy second half run🏀check out at MYBOOKIE.AG use code :AVA 🏀🏀🔥#AD 🐣SV🌴love Ava Fiore

#AD Hi loves! Click link in Bio 🔥March madness action at MYBOOKIE.AG🏀🏀use code: AVA for sign up bonus🔥🔥 sports update: WVU advances to sweet 16 with win over Notre dame 83-71. 🏀 North Carolina coach hopeful guard Berry will play vs Arkansas, but won't be practicing🏀currently on Villanova vs Wisconsin 😁SV👫love Ava Fiore

#AD HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY💚💚💚 LINK IN BIO🏀 sports update brought to you by MYBOOKIE.AG🏀🏀 MYBOOKIE.AG check them out for March madness and get in on some action!🔥🔥use code : AVA 💚 so JPP SIGNED A a 4 yr deal with GIANTS🙌🏼🙌🏼💚 Giants to sign Geno smith 😑💚 Real Madrid draw Bayern in Champions league QF and Barcelona gets Juve.❤️SV💚love Ava Fiore

Isn't that the truth... So I'll just keep pretending 🤔One of my fav movies. #Godfather why did she have to get into the car to learn how to drive 😩 SV 😶love Ava Fiore

#AD March madness! 🏀🏀 LINK IN BIO🙌🏼🙌🏼use promo code : AVA 👍🏻50% sign on bonus👍🏻👍🏻😎🤗 check out MYBOOKIE.AG 👀MYBOOKIE.AG 🔥🔥🔥🔥SV👫love Ava Fiore

Hi loves, just another sports update! 😁💪🏽 thanks to all my loyal followers 👍🏻☺️SV👫🐣love Ava Fiore

Hi loves , couldn't be happier 😁☺️ NFL update: Browns to cut RG3 which we saw coming . Julius Peppers to the Panthers. Osweiler to Browns . Rumor is Texans aren't wanting to trade for Romo even after unloading Osweiler even though their current set up makes them contenders to attain him. Cowboys looking to trade him instead of releasing so question is should Broncos do whatever it takes to acquire Romo? Thoughts? If he can remain somewhat healthy, which is a big "if"... I think he would make a fairly good fit for Denver. Will be interesting to see how the merry go round of QB's ends up. SV 👫love Ava Fiore

🙈😂😂😂😂 the recorder, the toaster....can this guy please edit my videos to make them sick! 🙈 thanks @omarslyfe for the video @daquan . Sports: Brandon Marshall with the Gmen! Barcelona has the craziest game ! What a comeback against PSG😳. SV👫❤️love Ava Fiore

😁😁😁 #AD "Salami Sundays " and "fruit roll up fridays" will now be cemented in ITunes ;)! COMING SOON😍 there will be plenty of sports themed emojis with different team colors, animation, and pasties🙈I'll keep you posted on launch date! Click link in bio!!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️ thanks @sharp1 @sharp1 @sharp1 👍🏻👍🏻love them! SV👫love Ava Fiore

Hi Loves, (Yankees for life ❤️🙌🏼)🏒NHL Vegas team signs first deal with an entry level 3 year deal for forward Reid Duke.🏈Niners to release Torrey Smith two seasons into his 5 year contract for 40 mill.🏀George Hill out tonight vs Pelicans with Toe injury . 😁SV❤️love Ava Fiore

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