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Ava Fiore  Advertising 📧 SNAP@Avafiore🏀TWITTER@Cleatscleavage🏒⚾️ 🏈38 & mom of 👧🏻👧🏻👶🏻 @cleatsandcleavagegirls

When in Russia with my @varlamov.official ...:) with my @varlamov.official Oh and thanks @jbair03 for being an awesome trainer!💪🏻 love Ava Fiore

Wait ... what?!!!! Thoughts!? 🙈🙈🙈 follow my other page @cleatsandcleavagegirls @cleatsandcleavagegirls love Ava Fiore.

Over the hill:) I actually like getting older... I’m old enough to enjoy life , but young enough at heart to enjoy it ;) so I’m thinking about doing old school sports talk with my old days of the week... like muff mondays 🙈 debating! Follow @cleatsandcleavagegirls @cleatsandcleavagegirls love Ava Fiore

Thanks @mitchellness @mitchellness for my very cute Yankees top! Nothing much to say about the series 🏀other than I feel bad for LeBron! He is def over it 😩 follow my other page @cleatsandcleavagegirls @cleatsandcleavagegirls love Ava Fiore

Thanks so much to @mitchellness @mitchellness for giving me all my jerseys❤️ super appreciate it💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 follow my other page @cleatsandcleavagegirls love Ava Fiore

Sorry to have to beat a fucking dead horse! I’m much too boring to sell my pics or videos privately ! Lots of guys have been In my DMs saying they paid 35-45 bucks for pics of me to some fake page! Once they pay they get blocked. Please don’t fall for the scam. MY ONLY TWO PAGES THAT ARE RUN BY ME ARE @cleatsandcleavage and @cleatsandcleavagegirls!!!!! any other page is NOT associated with me! Love Ava Fiore

And here we go again!!! Video @thescore @thescore sent to me by @omarslyfe . Thanks ! Love Ava Fiore

There’s only one... well maybe two;) @cleatsandcleavagegirls @cleatsandcleavage game time ❤️🏀🏀 love Ava Fiore

Thanks @underarmour @underarmourwomen for supporting the cause 🥊🥊thanks @javonphillips for repping ! Much love! I’ve been taking so much needed “me” time! Yes, of course I’ve been watching all the playoffs! I’m updating soon❤️ love Ava Fiore follow my other page for my tea bag throwback🙈 @cleatsandcleavagegirls @cleatsandcleavagegirls ❤️

Things that come out of Canada.... Bad ass hockey players, Tim Hortons coffee, and nut jobs that can shit on @michaelrapaport sent to me by my brother @omarslyfe . Love Ava Fiore

Sorry ... it’s been a while, but had to post this! 😂😂😂😂🙈💪🏻 video @thescore @thescore ❤️ love Ava Fiore ( yes, I’ll be posting updates soon on my backup page @cleatsandcleavagegirls ) sent to me by my brother @omarslyfe :)

🤗#Liverpool anyway, wtf is up with Conor!? He’s always been over the top, but this was a stupid move all around! Follow my other page @cleatsandcleavagegirls ❤️ @cleatsandcleavagegirls love Ava Fiore

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