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OnTheRocks  Clear ice is stunning and pure. Making it at home has been out of reach—until now. Make Clear Ice Cubes, Spheres or Blocks, w/ 1 easy to use solution.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
If you remember only one thing from today, remember to stay safe!

I love this picture of one of my favorite drinks to serve OnTheRocks; the Maple, Bourbon Old-Fashioned.

1) pour in 1-3 teaspoons of real Maple Syrup (no high fructose corn syrup!)
2) 1 - 3 dashes of bitters; I like orange bitters, but use angostura or whatever you like!
3) 2 ounces of your favorite bourbon @buffalotrace in this case!
4) stir it up (helps dissolve the syrup if you do it before adding ice)
5) Drop in a perfectly clear cube, sphere, or diamond from OnTheRocks
6) finish it with zest or peel of Orange or Lemon to brighten it up!

Hard to believe we prototyped the diamond tray over a year ago as a result of meeting our first stretch goal during the IndieGogo campaign.

Here is a look at the mold we made using a combination of 3D printing and CNC milling. There's also a picture of the first set of Clear Diamonds ever posted on the internet! ...we still don't have nearly enough good pictures of the diamonds in action.
Anyone want to share some of their own pictures?

Guess what's back in stock...
Sphere Trays!

Buy additional trays on our website, or buy an additional OnTheRocks set with sphere trays included on Amazon, Indiegogo Marketplace, or our www.clearice.rocks!

Though the snow is still falling, at least we just got an extra hour of daylight to remind us that spring is almost here!

Haven't made a layered drink since college...but a big cube of clear ice certainly makes the process visually appealing!

I hope everyone had an excellent #valentinesday! I've been messing around with some new ways to get creative with #clearice. More pics and videos to come, but I'm excited to hear what you think!

Stay cool!

PS: one thing I did not consider is that the ring would actually sink the ice #diamond... some very interesting possibilities there 😎

Finally beginning to get creative again and take some cool pictures. What do you think? Any ideas for cool scenes to set up with flowers inside #clearice cubes?

PS: I'm psyched for today #olympics #openingceremony and my #birthday...here we go!

When it's been below 20°F for more than a week you should freeze random things outside!
What should I do with this ice hand?

#winter #ice #pghmaker #staycurious

My sister bought my family these moose mugs from #christmasvacation a few years ago. Since them it's become a tradition for us to make drinks and watch national lampoons Christmas vacation every Christmas.
This year were going with Manhattan's #ontherocks and straight #tincup American whiskey on the rocks.
Happy holidays everyone!!!

Our second shipment of products (first shipping container to cross the pacific) arrived last week!
We've been busy shipping out orders for Christmas and today is your last chance to get OnTheRocks as a gift for Christmas!
Unfortunately we're all out of sphere trays, but you can backorder them on our brand new ecommerce store! Link in the bio!

Got this delicious bottle of scotch from one of our happy customers! Thanks Marc, it's delicious!

#scotch #iceball #clearice

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