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Animals in the ocean die every day from plastic being thrown in the ocean. We must stop polluting the ocean if we want to help save the sea animals.

Q: How can I help keep the ocean clean?
A: A good and easy way to keep the ocean clean is to use reusable plastic instead of single use. Also, using less plastic or recycling plastic will play a big role in cleaning the ocean.

In order to live healthy lives we need the ocean and more specifically water. We are not the only ones who need this, an estimated 50-80% of life lives u see the below the surface of the ocean. By polluting the ocean we are not only endangering the humans but the animals that live in the oceans.

This is Charlie Hancock enjoying the beaches of Costa Rica. If you want to enjoy places like this, here are ways to help the water stay clean and healthy to swim in.
DO NOT dispose of any chemicals down you’re drain.
DO NOT flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.
AVOID garbage disposal. #cleantheocean

This is the scarlet macaw, just one example of the wildlife that is effected by the pollution of the oceans.

This is a coast in Costa Rica. If we do not change our lifestyles now then this amazing landscape could be washed away or submerged completely.

Our oceans are beautiful and are 75% of our planet. But we are slowly ruining it because he majority for our pollutants end up in them from our actions on land.

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