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cleanoceanaccess  🔹🔹🔹Action today so future generations can enjoy ocean activities 🔹🔹🔹

Itching to get outside and do something good on Saturday? Join us for a beach cleanup proudly hosted by Noah who is a senior at Portsmouth high school. He lost his uncle a couple years ago and is doing his senior project on protecting the environment and the event is in memory of his uncle who taught him environmental stewardship. #cleanoceanaccess #futuregenerations

Did you know that nutrients and pathogens contained in pet waste are released when submerged in water and cause pollution in the water making it unswimmable!? Let’s start caring for our environment the same way we care for our pets and make the effort to scoop the poop and place the used bag in a trash can! Stop the issue before it comes one! #cleanoceanaccess #simpleways #scoopthepoop

Calling all nature lovers! Clean Ocean Access is hosting a beach cleanup at Melville Park Saturday, April 7th where we will be launching a new cleanup initiative! We have the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy nature while also giving back to your community. COA is seeking volunteers to donate 2 hours of their time once a month to help with park maintenance and help maintain the trails at Melville Park! If interested, please reach out to info@cleanoceanaccess.org ! #cleanoceanaccess #melvillepark #clean #nature

Meet Max! Max has been a dedicated intern with COA for over three semesters and is graduating from Roger Williams University this Spring with a degree in Marine Biology and Sustainability! When Max is not in the office he can be found playing rugby and enjoying the great outdoors! #internship #max #cleanoceanaccess #marinebiology #sustainability #rogerwilliams

Starbucks annual shareholder meeting is happening right now and we did our part by sharing with the local store a letter explaining the importance of setting and following through on robust sustainability goals to reduce the amount of material that is provided to customers that ends up in landfills or worse plastic in the ocean. Do you part by bringing durable reusable containers for all your beverages. #breakfreefromplastic #saynotosingleuse #cleanoceanaccess #startnow #buybetter #cleanseas #powerofart #swimtoskim

Life after the 6th international marine debris conference has resulted in a car full of road litter and conversations with business of all sizes to start recycling. Ran into regional management visiting the local store and siezed the opportunity to ask about recycling. They are taking our request back to corporate to make it happen! #cleanoceanaccess #bethechange #startnow #volvooceanrace #cleanseas #swimtoskim #powerofart #ooez

Save the date for our Guest Bartending Event at Cappys on Friday, April 6th from 5-9pm! We will have guest bartenders featuring our interns and volunteers who will be serving up the most delicious cocktails! What better way to celebrate the weekend than with your friends at Cappys! #cleanoceanaccess #cappyshillsidecafe #guestbartending

Thank you to our dedicated team of volunteers who collect 8 water samples every Saturday in the watershed and the back-office team that tests and analyzes the water for nitrogen, phosphorus, and road salts! #teamwork #watershed #cleanoceanaccess #citizenscience

Rain barrels capture water from your roof/gutter and collect the water for later use while reducing stormwater run-off into storm drains. The Aquidneck Land Trust, Clean Ocean Access and the Green Infrastructure Coalition have partnered together to host the first ever Rain Barrel Festival that will include rain barrel painting, rain barrel installation demonstrations, stormwater education and at the end of the event, participants will take home their own rain barrel to install at their property. Sign up today at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RainBarrelFest !
#cleanoceanaccess #aquidnecklandtrust #greeninfrastructurecoalition #rainbarrelfestival #everydropcounts

Education and outreach at the marina trash skimmers is going to be even more fun this summer, with refreshing beverages at the new Empire Tea & Coffee location! #cleanoceanaccess #marinatrashskimmer #swimtoskim #cleanseas #volvooceanrace

Great job Joey! He won 3rd place in the state science fair after receiving 1st place at Portsmouth high school for his citizen science analysis of how weather impacts water quality in the Maidford River entering Third Beach. So many great projects on display, a bright future for the ocean state! #cleanoceanaccess #portsmouthri #citizenscience #bethechange

Give a Hoot - don't Pollute! Make the upcoming beach season even more fun by adopting a #zerowaste bring what you need and bring it home and #saynotosingleuseplastic! #cleanoceanaccess #middletownri #cleanseas #volvooceanrace #wisdom #maxman #woodsyowl #stitchedhandles

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