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Forget to get your meal plan order in? Don’t worry, you still have until tonight at midnight! A new week starts tomorrow; start it on the right foot! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #mealprep

Skip the prep next week! Get your orders in by Sunday at midnight! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #everybodyfitz #itsalifestyle

You still have time! Deadline is tonight at midnight! Convenience made clean, all week long! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #everybodyfitz

We are busy getting your meals ready for you this week! Keto Greek Chicken, Monterey Chicken, and Supreme Pizza Pasta are looking delicious! Don’t forget to get your orders in, these meals will go fast! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #mealprep

Next week’s meals are live! Get your orders in. We can’t wait to try these! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #everybodyfitz

Monterey Jack chicken is on the meal plan next week! Menu goes live tomorrow. Don’t miss out, get your orders in early! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #everybodyfitz #itsalifestyle #columbus

Glad to be a part of the journey Britt! Thank you for sharing! #wechangelivez
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Alright comin at ya with another transformation 💪🏻 When I first started my fitness journey I was very insecure. I cared so much about what others thought about me. I only went to the gym with my hair and makeup done and hid in the girls only room for my whole workout. Today, I regularly squat and do hip thrust in the main weight room even with all the “big boys” in there, I train shoulders (something I never did lol) and I don’t give an eff who sees me 💪🏻. I didn’t stick with things for very long either. But in July it will be my one year of buying @marillewellyn gym guides and her fitness community has been amazing for me! Here are a few things I’ve learned/done to stay motivated and on track:
1. Lift, lift, lift, and lift even heavier shit than before. Make ugly faces and push yo self a lottttt. If you don’t know where to start.. get Mari’s gym guides!
2. Follow bomb Instagram accounts to help you think of new workout ideas and get pumped up! Some of my favs are: @marillewellyn (obvi) @kpnfit @katherineheppner @whitneyysimmons @sarah_bowmar also some of these gals are local in Ohio/Columbus so go give them a follow!
3. Meal prep or find someone to do it for you. Personally I really hate meal prepping.. the cooking the cleaning blah blah I hate it lol. But I work twelve hour shifts and NEED food on hand at any moment in case I work through my lunch. I get my meals from @cleaneatzcolumbusohio and it saves my butt to have clean meals ready to throw in the microwave for that 4 min hairdresser lunch 💁🏼‍♀️ 5. Don’t worry about tons of cardio honey you’ll only burn out. And it’s boring.
4. Reward yourself with things that will continues to push you! Over the past year i bought myself a pair of beats headphones, cute workout clothes, resistant bands, and barbel pads. After getting these I get even more excited to go to the gym! *Also I use to never go in the “big boys weight room” by myself cause I was scared. Now, I don’t even call it the big boys room.. it’s my room now bishhhh 🙋🏼‍♀️ #WeChangeLivez #EveryBODYFitz #itsalifestyle

You still have time to get your orders in. Don’t fall off track this week! Deadline is midnight tonight. #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #everybodyfitz

Garlic Margherita Chicken on this week’s meal plan is 🔥. Don’t miss out. Get your orders in now! Meals as cheap as $6.10/ meal!
#cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle

Next week’s meals are live! Don’t miss out on these, they are too good! Order by Sunday at midnight! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #everybodyfitz

Sneak peak at next week’s meals. One of your favorites is back, Chicken Potstickers! Menu goes live tomorrow morning. Don’t miss out! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #everybodyfitz #614

Big thank you to our ladies over at @columbusplasticsurgery for being regulars on our weekly meal plan! Check them out! #cleaneatzcolumbusohio #wechangelivez #itsalifestyle #everybodyfitz

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