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S I M P L E & C L E A N✨
Speaking of clean.
I have so much I have to do this weekend 😵An apartment deep clean, organizing of things, review rough drafts and then whatever time is left for rest and relaxation. Phew! Adulting. 🙈
Also I did an interview with @the.regimen if anybody is curious! Head on over to their page and click the link if you want to know a bit more about me and my skincare!
✨Morning Routine✨
🌿Cleanser #indielee Rosehip Cleanser
🌿Toner @joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator / Switched over to this for the time being. I went on a picking spree on my forehead (I know I know dammit October stop that!) So now my skin is inflamed. This stuff feels really nice and gentle on my skin when it's inflamed.
🌿*Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
🌿*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
🌿*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🌿Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
🌿*Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Balm
🌿Self Tanner @luna_bronze Glow / First Impressions? This is their gradual self tanner. I bought their other more immediate tanner Radiant as well but I haven't had a chance to try it yet! Smells really nice! Like lemongrass but sweeter. Both smell the same. Goes on well as a moisturizer! I put it on after showering, did not shave whilst in shower to avoid spots (thanks @ms_hannah_e for the tip🤗) Obviously it's a gradual tanner, so I don't see any immediate results other than having the slight smell of self tanner on my skin, but I'm liking it so far! My skin doesn't feel soft like when I use @oulisointment , but it feels generally hydrated. I applied with a mitt and a lotion stick for my back! I'm going to try the Radiant tonight before I go to bed! I'll report back!
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S U M M E R T I M E ✨
So I finally found some cool non toxic self tanning lotion. I shall reveal them to you soon as I haven't tried them yet. I can't wait though because frankly I'm tired of being butt-white 😆
I'll let you guys know how it goes haha
On that note, does anyone have any self tanning tips?✨
🌸Morning Routine🌸
🌸Cleanser #indielee Rosehip Cleanser / This is my main cleanser for the time being! I ran out of the Osea Cleansing Mudd. That review is coming!
🌸Spritz #joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator / I really love this mist so far. It's so gentle on the eyes and on the skin. It feels like a hydrating misty hug whenever I use it. And of course, it smells wonderful. Like ylang ylang and something subtly sweet.
🌸*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum / This baby needs a review soon as well. Stay posted ✌🏻
🌸*Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil / Great facial oil! It's been a few weeks and so far it's performing well.
🌸*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm / I love this for when I have a breakout. It's a great day lotion but I've been using it morning and night. Though I might be switching it to only day because the weather is getting dryer and it's strong stuff. Also my skin loves to be hydrated at night. Review is coming ✌🏻
🌸*Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Balm / This is great when my skin is feeling dry in places like the corners on my nose and under my eyes. And my lips of course! All over really.
🌸Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense / So far I really like this sunscreen. A little goes a long way and I mean that. You only need a tiny dab to get a third of your face. It doesn't streak either. It does pill a teeny tiny bit around my temples sometimes which makes me wonder if it's just not mixing well with another product.
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Happy Friday!! How pretty are these flowers eh? I hope you all have a lovely weekend...✨✨✨
🌸Morning Routine🌸
✨*Cleanser #oseamalibu Ocean Cleansing Mudd / Decided to finish this bottle off the past couple of days. So I haven't been alternating between! Haven't had any dryness issues either! Looking forward to writing about it!
✨*Toner #oseamalibu Sea Minerals / I'm really loving this mist. It's refreshing and doesn't really have a scent but it does smell fresh? Can't quite describe it. But it feels amazing on the skin.
✨*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
✨*Facial Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rose Hip Radiance Oil
✨*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
✨Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
✨*Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Balm / I tried this as a mask and draped a hot towel over my face. My goodness my skin was so darn soft and moisturizer afterwards! I love using it after I get out of the shower because it makes my skin so nice and soft. Can't wait to do a full review on this beauty on the blog!
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Happy Thursday my people! I hope you all had a lovely 4th! New blog post up on the facial gua sha class with @joshrosebrook and @treatmentbylanshin at @thedetoxmarket
🌱Morning Routine🌱
🌸*Cleanser #oseamalibu Ocean Cleansing Mudd / I am almost out of this! Blog review coming!
🌸*Mist #oseamalibu Sea Mineral Mist / First impressions? So cooling. Sooo refreshing. So far loving it.
🌸*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
🌸*Facial Oil #backtobasicsskincare Radiance Rosehip Oil
🌸*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🌸Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
🌸*Lips #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Balm
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I am ready for the weekend! It's been quite a week for me. But a highlight was attending the @thedetoxmarket 's event last night where we got to learn how to do a facial massage with a gua sha. Sandra of @treatmentbylanshin went over and showed us general techniques and @joshrosebrook taught us how to properly use our face mists with our oils. It's a really wonderful experience using the gua sha. I immediately saw a difference in my skin and my peers after we were done. Especially the skin around my nose and mouth. It had depuffed noticeably! We received our own jade gua sha tool and a full size of Josh's Hydrating Accelerator. I got to meet both of them and they are really lovely people. All of his products look and smell amazing btw. I cannot wait to get more of them in my routine.⠀
I shall be writing about the event! In the mean time, I took some video which is in my story. I highly recommend taking a look! Josh and Sandra were fountains of wellness and skin wisdom!⠀
⭐️Morning Routine⭐️
✨Cleanser #indielee Rosehip Cleanser⠀
✨Mist @joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelorator / First impressions? Oh my goodness this smells incredible. It feels therapeutic to breathe it in. Like ylang ylang and vanilla but is reminiscent of fennel or licorice. I learned how to properly use a face mist last night. You press the face mist into your skin, then mist again, then use your face oil. Thank you Josh!
✨Face Oil #backtobasics Rosehip Radiance Oil
✨Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum / Yaya I have this beauty back in my routine! Can't wait to do a write up on it!
✨Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
✨Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
✨Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Beauty Ointment / So far my favorite way to use it is when I get out of the shower for all over moisture. It leaves my skin so soft! I got to hang out with the creator Stephanie last night! She recommended to use the balm as a face mask so keep an eye out for that!
✨Tool #treatmentbylanshin Jade Gua Sha / First impressions? I absolutely love the experience of using this tool. Taking deep breaths and being mindful while slowly pulling the jade over my skin felt incredible. Thank you Sandra!

I've been in a creative flat lay kind of mood so sha-bam🌟
Soft colors are so calming and fun to play with. How pretty is this lavender? I got it from the farmers market last weekend and am drying it out. I'm going again tomorrow! I love it because it's all about food and flowers. Two of my favorite things 😌
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
✨Morning Routine✨
🌸*Cleanser #oseamalibu Ocean Cleansing Mudd
🌸Toner/Spritz #herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
🌸*Face Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil / This stuff absorbs really nicely! Does not leave my skin oily or shiny after I use it. 🙌🏻
🌸*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🌸Eyes #indielee Calendula Eye Balm
🌸Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
🌸*Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Beauty Ointment / I'm loving using this on my hands!! I have really dry knuckles in particular but it does a great job helping to smooth them out.
🌸Hair Oil @artifactskinco Tiare Tails / This stuff smells amazing and my hair loves it so far. I put it on my ends and my hair sucks it up. The scent of honeysuckle is there with me for most of the day and my ends feel softer!
*PR gifts

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a good week! I've been incredibly busy, but I have two new products that I'm introducing to my routine and you guys today. Btw my @pfcandleco Teakwood and Tobacco candle smells amaaaazing whilst burning. Like a woody scent with a nice sweetness but with something earthy. Love!
✨Morning Routine✨
🌸Cleanser #indielee Rosehip Cleanser
🌸Toner/Spritz #herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
🌸Eyes #indielee Calendula Eye Balm/ This is a temporary substitute in my routine! I'm waiting for my replacement #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum! The original sadly crashed into pieces over the weekend while cleaning my bathroom😭(The Calendula eye balm is wonderful though. There's a review for it on my blog!) Once I get the replacement, I'll be able to finish the eye gel serum's review in a week or two!
🌸*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🌸*Face Oil @backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil / First impressions? It smells savory, the color is a golden yellow. I put drops on my nose, cheeks and brow then rubbed it in. It absorbed fairly well! My skin feels a tad dewy but I'll give it time to see how well it absorbs. I put my moisturizer on over it and that worked together nicely.
🌸*Balm @oulisointment All Purpose Beauty Ointment/ First impressions? I used this on my neck and décolletage. It smells like olives and olive oil! The balm melts easily on your touch and takes time to absorb into the skin unless you massage it in well. But after absorbing, left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated! My sunscreen went over this nicely! Can't wait to try it in other applications!
🌸Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
*PR gifts

Since the sunlight has been back here in Santa Monica, it's going to be all about that hard light ✌🏻
I hope everyone has a good weekend!
✨Morning Routine✨
☀️Cleanser #oseamalibu Ocean Cleansing Mudd / Been using this for almost 2 weeks now, I will say that the blackheads on my nose have lightened very slightly. I'll keep using for another 2 weeks before I write my final review 😌
☀️Toner #herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
☀️Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
☀️Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
☀️Creme #ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé
☀️Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense

✨Morning Routine✨
💧Cleanser #indielee Rosehip Cleanser / So far this cleanser has done a good job at helping keep my skin hydrated while I've been using Osea's Ocean Cleansing Mudd. Anybody notice when they cleanse their face in the shower versus the sink, it strips the skin more? I've always noticed that no matter what cleanser I'm using. Probably because of the heat and steam I suppose?
💧Mask #artifactskincare Egyptian Honey Rose / This mask left my skin feeling hydrated after rinsing, it also looked much calmer 🙌🏻
💧Toner/Spritz #herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
💧Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
💧Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
💧Creme #ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé
💧Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense

Wednesday. Blargh.
Anybody else have problems picking at their blackheads? It's a terrible habit I have that I'm trying to stop. Because I usually don't do it very well and then next thing I know my skin breaks out because I was obsessively picking at it *sigh* I was recently told by a dermatologist in Portland that I needed extractions done by a pro. What do you guys think of extractions? When are they worth it?
✨Morning Routine✨
✌🏻*Cleanser #oseamalibu Ocean Cleansing Mudd
✌🏻Toner/Spritz #herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
✌🏻*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
✌🏻*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
✌🏻Creme #ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé
✌🏻Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
*PR gifts

It's only Tuesday but I have a good feeling about this week. No skincare updates today, just documenting the routine and playing with the light 🙌🏻
🌟Morning Routine🌟
✨Cleanser #indielee Rosehip Cleanser
✨Toner & Spritz #herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
✨*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
✨*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
✨Creme #ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé
✨Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense
*PR gifts

Happy Monday my people.
Let's have a kickass week!👊🏻
✨Morning Routine✨
⭐️Cleanser #oseamalibu Ocean Cleansing Mudd / This actually worked really well as a spot treatment! After I popped them and cleansed and dried my face, I put a spurt on each one until it dried then wiped it off with a wet wash cloth. They reduced in size and calmed down! Woot woot
⭐️Toner & Spritz #herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
⭐️Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
⭐️Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
⭐️Creme #ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé
⭐️Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense
⭐️Lips #thegentlelabel Organic Healing Balm / New review on this puppy on the blog!

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