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Clean Beauty Ritual  A clean beauty blog by @octobercomstock 💚reviews & writings💚 🍵I drink a lot of green tea and I love my skincare. ✉️ for PR


Happy Sunday everyone. Today is #selfcaresunday and I’m talking about some @seliaandco masks. How gorgeous is their packaging btw?
☕️Lavender + Black Tea Mask☕️
I did a first impressions in my evening routine two posts back. I’ve used it twice since then. When my skin feels dirty or I feel a breakout coming on, I use this mask. Does it help a ton? I’m not sure. But it leaves the area feeling cleansed. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been getting hormonal acne on my chin and jawline. I noticed this mask slightly itches while it’s on. It itched the most in areas I’ve been breaking out. I don’t know if that’s related, but I thought it was interesting. It leaves my skin red but not inflamed when I wash it off. All powdered kaolin clay masks have that effect on me. It’s not a negative for me as it fades and there’s no irritation whatsoever. The scent of this mask is really lovely and so is the color before it’s mixed and after. Overall I really like this mask because I feel like it packs a nice punch when I need it. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling overly stripped when I rinse off which is great. Out of the two, I think I like this one more. To be fair though, I’ve only used the other once, so that could change😜
🍵Peppermint + Green Tea Mask🍵
I used this mask this morning. There’s video of me mixing it in my story for the curious! First impressions? It smells like a minty green tea and I really enjoy that. I drink a lot of green tea and I have a particular fondness for minty green tea so the scent is right up my alley. The mixture was much more grainy than the lavender one, which I’m assuming is because of the green tea in the mask. There was no itchiness while wearing it and when rinsed off, my skin was red but not as red as it gets with the lavender mask. So I think it’s gentler than the other one. It didn’t feel very stripped either which was surprising! As for brightening? I honestly couldn’t really tell. My skin felt cleaner and energized but if it was brighter, it was very slight. The color is very pretty and makes me want a matcha latte🤤
I’ll have to use it more and report back, but my overall first impressions are positive ones.
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Happy Friday guys! Sorry I haven't posted for a minute. I had family in town and my job has been getting busier. But this weekend is my bday and I'm definitely going to be spending parts of it relaaaaaaxing. I've got some new products in my routine below. So check it out ⭐️
✨Morning Routine✨
✨Cleanser @mayachiabeauty The Great Cleanse / First impressions? It smells subtly savory. The oil is thinner than other oil cleansers I've used in the past. A little goes a long way and thats nice. When paired with a konjac sponge, it does a good job at removing sunscreen and makeup. Hardcore eye makeup removal? To be seen. However my skin seems to be liking it overall. 👍🏻
✨*Mask @westingwellness Rose To The Occasion / First impressions? Very pretty color in both powder and wet form. Smells subtly like roses and while mixing, little rose petal pieces start to emerge which I think is a nice touch! My skin feels dry and a bit stripped after washing off, but that could be because when I mixed it, it was pretty watery. I think it needs to be more of a paste. Also most kaolin powder masks have that effect on my skin after rinsing. Overall I like the experience of mixing it and putting it on. I'll have to use it again before I can speak to its effects on my skin and try again with a thicker mixture. 💓
✨Toner @herbivorebotanicals Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner / First impressions? It's a lovely jasmine scent of course, but the green tea is there too. I thought it was going to be more drying because it has some witch hazel in there and whenever I see the word "balancing", I immediately go, "Ah yes, the classic fancy marketing term for 'drying'." But I haven't found it to be drying at all. Granted I've only been using it since Monday, but I still feel like it puts some hydration back in and pairs great with my current facial oil. The packaging of course is lovely and that green color is fantastic. It also doesn't sting my eyes! Big thing for me when it comes to face mists. Loving it so far Herbivore.
✨*Facial Oil #backtobasics Rosehip Radiance Oil / I'm going to give this guy a write up on my blog fairly soon, so keep an eye out.
**Continued in the comments**

Happy Friday ✨✨✨
I hope you guys have been good, I've been soooo busy with work and my project 😵
In fact, I'm going to be putting my blog reviews on hold for the time being. I've got one more I need to write, but after that all my reviews are going to be on my Instagram for the time being. Working 40+ hours a week and trying to build something on the side while trying to blog is very challenging 😅
The truth is, I want writing reviews and articles to be fun and lately it hasn't been. It's been feeling more like an obligation and responsibility. I hope that it will be fun again once things aren't so crazy for me, but in the meantime my pics and Insta-reviews will be here✨
So Happy Friday! I'm gonna go eat tacos and relax. Have a great weekend everyone!
⭐️Evening Routine⭐️
🌙Cleanser #munskincare Akwi Cleanser
🌙*Mask @seliaandco Lavender + Black Tea Mask / First impressions? The color of the powder is this soft lavender color and when mixed it turns into a darker violet. It has Brazilian Purple Clay in it and that's gotta be where it gets the hue. It smells really lovely, like subtle black tea. It tingles and slightly itches a bit while it's on, mostly around my jaw. I put a thick layer on and left it on for about 15 minutes. Parts of my skin definitely are red, but what's interesting is the parts that are red are the areas where I normally break out. All in all, I'm liking this mask! It seems to pack a punch. I'll have to see how my skin looks in a day or two then try again. Check out my story to see the mask mixing in action!
🌙*Mist #rootfoot Organic Rosewater
🌙*Facial Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
🌙*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
🌙*Moisturizer #ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé
🌙Sleeping Mask #glowrecipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
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Happy Wednesday guys. Here's my obligatory millennial pink flatlay haha. I love this color too much 😭 I had to do one! Moving on, there's two new reviews on the blog, so check them out if you have a moment. Is it just me or am I the only one excited for fall? Granted I live in Santa Monica, so we don't get "fall" here, but I want to travel somewhere and see it 😆
Anyone else live in a sunny place all year long and miss seasons? I know I know you can't win. Either it's sunny all year long or you miss the rain. 🌥🌧
My routine is going to mix up a little bit in the coming future so be on the lookout 👀
✨Morning Routine✨
💖Sleeping Mask #glowrecipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
💖Cleanser #munskincare Akwi Cleanser
💖*Toner #rootfoot Rose Water / This is one of my all time favorite rose waters. It's pure, distilled organic roses and it smells so lovely.
💖*Facial Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
💖*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum /This is one of the products I've reviewed on my blog! Take a looksy!
💖*Moisturizer #oseamalibufollain Blemish Balm
💖*Second Moisturizer #ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé / The kind people at Uliv sent me another pot about a month ago as a gift! I hadn't had a chance to open it because I was still in the middle of reviewing a few other things. I opened it up this weekend and was so excited to see that they had a new creamy formula!The new texture is luxurious and dense. A little goes a long way! The creaminess is wonderful compared to their previous one with the little granules (I still liked it then)
My décolletage is always irritated and breaking out. Since I started putting this on it, it's calmed down considerably. (This is paired with using Herbivore's CoCoRose as well in the shower)
Point being: This stuff is one of the most underrated products I've come across. I wrote a review on it a while back when it still had its old formula and I still loved it. Looks like I'll have to update my review for the new texture!
💖Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense(not pictured)
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Hey everybody 🌥🌥🌥
Things are going to be getting more and more busy for me. I have a new project that I'm going to start building and working on! It's very exciting!✨
I'm keeping it under wraps for now though so you guys will just have to wait until I launch it🙈
I plan to also write some reviews for the blog this weekend. So stay tuned for that✨
😍Anywhooo happy Thursday and here's my morning routine.
✨Morning Routine✨
🌥Sleeping Mask #glowrecipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
🌥Cleanser #munskincare Akwi Cleanser
🌥Toner #oseamalibu Sea Minerals
🌥Facial Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
🌥Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
🌥Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🌥Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Ointment
🌥Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense (not pictured)

It's late, I'm marathoning Game of Thrones and hanging out with my guy. It's a great Friday night. Here's the picture to match the video ☺️
✨Check out my previous post for my night time routine✨
Have a great weekend everyone! 💖

Happy Friday guys.
I'm having quite a bit of fun with these little videos. Do you guys want to see more of them? I will post it's picture counterpart as well later this evening ✨
This is my nighttime routine currently. I haven't posted one for a while! So here it is. Not too different from my morning routine really.
🌙 Night Time Routine🌙
✨Ambience @pfcandleco Teakwood & Tobacco Candle
✨Cleanser @munskincare Akwi Cleanser
✨Spritz @joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
✨*Facial Oil @backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
✨*Eyes @oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
✨*Moisturizer @ulivskincare Golden Chai Facial Soufflé
✨Sleeping Mask @glowrecipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
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Double post? Sorta. That smoke is just too pretty 😌
My routine now in video!

🔥Palo Santo @woodlot
🔥Candle @pfcandleco Teakwood & Tobacco
🔥Sleeping Mask #glowrecipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask (not pictured)
🔥Cleanser @munskincare Akwi Cleanser
🔥*Toner @oseamalibu Sea Minerals
🔥*Facial Oil @backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
🔥*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
🔥*Balm @oulisointment All Purpose Healing Ointment
🔥*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🔥Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense (not pictured)
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Hey guys happy-almost-the-weekend day! You know you're homesick for Oregon when it's overcast outside and you're wishing for it to rain 😌🌧
I had a little too much fun getting this shot this morning. So much fun that when my boyfriend came back from the gym, our entire apartment was smoky and I didn't even notice😅
I had to keep relighting the palo santo for the shot which almost set the fire alarm off hehehe...
But now it smells really good in here and I can present you with my morning routine!! 😁😁😁
✨Morning Routine✨
🔥Sleeping Mask #glowrecipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask (not pictured)
🔥Cleanser #munskincare Akwi Cleanser
🔥*Toner #oseamalibu Sea Minerals
🔥*Facial Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
🔥*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
🔥*Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Ointment
🔥*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🔥Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense (not pictured)
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#selfcaresunday with @herbivorebotanicals 🥛🌹
I made it to the gym today and since my skin is acne prone, it's important that I scrub and wash it well when I get home. Scrubbing can be time consuming, but I really notice a difference when I use my loofah on my back and shoulders. My bacne reduces to almost and sometimes nil. Add in a scrub and make it a routine and it really makes a difference. Plus it's a little thing you can do to make your shower a little more luxurious. Happy Sunday lovelies 😌
✨Soap #herbivorebotanicals Pink Clay Soap / I've been using this beauty as my body wash for the past two months and I really like it. Couple with my loofah, it does a really great job at helping to clean and clear my skin. It lathers nicely and smells like rose geranium.
✨Scrub #herbivorebotanicals Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish / First Impressions? It smells exactly like its namesake and it's glorious. I was pleased to discover you don't need a lot to scrub down. For a $40+ scrub, you want some runway and it only takes about a nickel size for one of my legs. It's a gentle scrub but it gets the job done. I paired it with my loofah for some extra exfoliation action and my shoulders feel so smooth. The granules are small and the mixture stays together when you scoop it out. When I got out of the shower, my skin felt stripped but soft. I get why this scrub is a cult favorite. Looking forward to more showers 😍

Happy Friday!🍉
Used the mask again overnight and I think I'm going to switch over to using it every night. I love how my skin feels in the morning and I was told by @glowrecipe that it's gentle enough to use it nightly. I'm also curious about how some people balance their routines with AHAs and BHAs. I'm tempted to add a BHA mask into my routine now, but because I'm already using my night AHA mask I'm going 🤔
Any thoughts my people? How do you use BHAs and AHAs in your routine?
✨Morning Routine✨
☕️Sleeping Mask #glowrecipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
☕️Cleanser #munskincare Akwi Cleanser
☕️Spritz #joshrosebrook Hydratong Accelerator
☕️Face Oil #backtobasicsskincare Rosehip Radiance Oil
☕️Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
☕️Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Ointment
☕️Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
☕️Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense (not pictured)

The weekend is almost here! So I'll keep it short and here's a flat lay! Btw the Holi(rose) deodorant worked well for me yesterday ✌🏻@agentnateur
✨Morning Routine✨
🎀Cleanser #munskincare Akwi Cleanser
🎀Mist #joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
🎀*Face Oil #backtobasicsskincare Radiance Rosehip Oil
🎀*Eyes #oseamalibu Eye Gel Serum
🎀*Balm #oulisointment All Purpose Healing Balm
🎀*Moisturizer #oseamalibu Blemish Balm
🎀Sunscreen #drunkelephantskincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense(not pictured)
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