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Clayton J Donovan.  Ex skateboarding crash test dummy ,chief potato peeler , "Jaaning Tree", "Wild Kitchen", "The Tuning Fork" @claywildkitchen @oztuningfork & DAD.☠️☠️☠

Scotts head street party

Looking for some awesome human beings to play the role as
Front of house staff and
Kitchen staff
At a restaurant in a coastal beach town of Scotts Head ,NSW .
Email your deets through to
P.s @dsmiddleton you cannot apply ,
you have a job.

Well after some great quess work and requests for me to set a restaurant up in various towns & cities , #gumbaynggirr land is where it will be on the coast surrounded by beautiful beaches , #localfood and amazing #nativefoods .
A little place on the #midnorthcoastnsw with one road in & one road out ,one of the homes of my childhood, with a extreme hill where I lost my fair share of skin, smashing down there on a skateboard.
So my next restaurant will be at #scottshead in NSW .
And now for another friendly Tuesday afternoon game of "What Da Fuck Am I Going To Name The Restaurant" 😈💀🤖👽😈💀🤖👽😈💀🤖👽😈💀🤖👽


"Giddy Up"

So after a bit of a break from restaurants and basically a year off. I'm ready to get back in the kitchen & open another #JaaningTree in the coming weeks ,which I'm Super excited about .
So let's have a friendly Sunday game of "Where the fuck is that Jaaning Tree going to be ? " 😈💀👽🤖😈💀👽🤖😈💀👽🤖

Smoking up tonight with #muurikkasmokers at #northsydneynoodlemarkets

Giddy up ,there might just be something going down ,with a day of menu development, with dishes of the pasted & new, pushing towards what can be placed on a menu today without some "Dick" referring it to "Roadkiller" or just "Blackfella's Food" and I only wish the #wildfoodsofoz were at a stage in Australia where it just wasn't seen as a food trend because some "Knobs" has got native foods in thier restaurants or Tv show and really knows fuck all about it, the meanings ,the stories, utilized as survival & medicine.
There should be more indigenous farms ,indigenous food foundations and education of indigenous foods, supporting the true Australian food cuisine .

To all those that are very much real in there quest on using native foods , supporting indigenous farms & food foundations , being educated and changing the landscape of Australian food history - Your a bunch of amazing human beings ( Fuck'n Legends) & to the Rip Offs & the Gimmick Gimps,
"Hit da Fuck'n Road Jack".

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