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Clay Snow  Queer Heathen | wandering witch | they/them/their pronouns.

The sun said goodnight and peeked through the brush and rooftops and branches of my neighborhood.

I am very lucky to be in the lives of these beautiful people.

Thank you @skyler_tilley for the lovely notice. #sagittarius #itme

Was reading at Whole Foods after work, finishing the last book in the #lastapprentice #wardstonechronicles that I've been reading 5 ever. It's as sad and grotesquely violent as I thought it would be. But so so rewarding, especially with Blake's El Chavo cider with habañero and mango. Today kicked my ass, but it feels damn good to have put in such a hard day of work. I'm a spooky queen.

Spring has sprung and i'm getting my bike fixed. Keep a sharp eye for a speed demon in Lexington.


I get to fly home and see my lil babies again so soon and I can't even explain how excited I am to be home again. I'm gonna touch all of your faces and make you eat my food. #mykentuckyloves

Thanks to everyone at Riverdale Whole Foods for making me feel so at home. I'm going to miss you all so very much! Come visit us in Lexington, Kentucky! Xoxo

I had... such an amazing day. Those are Korean tacos with Sake. The second photo is Mead. Spent the day with my amazing team leaders and I'm feeling so lucky. I'm a big soppy bleeding heart. But now I'm watching the Island on HBO and should probably go to sleep because nobody needs that much Michael Bay.

Y'all, I'm so happy I could cry! But I won't cry because I'm xtuffx. Jk I'm a pansy.

Just discovered the best movie of all time. It's got Rutger Hauer, it's got Ice-T, it's got Keanu Reeves, it's got psychic dolphins, it's got HENRY ROLLINS in a lab coat, it's got some crime and it's got some #blood. I'm into it.

My night is full of bourbon, hummus, salsa, and weird sci fi horror. Thank you Whole Foods.

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