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Clay Duda  Gone south for winter.

From one jungle to another.

Crossing the Amazon.

A taste of Carnival.


One last jaunt in Argentina before heading north through Brazil. Iguazú Falls, AR. #waterfall #iguazu #cataras #argentina #travel #viaje #viajero #outdoors #nature #brazil #brasil #southamerica #suramericana

Beach snails in Uruguay.

Bidding adieu to Argentina after four (five?) long weeks of traveling from the southern tip north to Buenos Aires.

The Sundial Bridge of the South in Buenos Aires. Except they don't call it the Sundial Bridge, they call it Puente de la Mujer, and it's supposed to be a minimalist representation of a man and a woman doing the tango, not a sundial.

U.S. Embassy sent out a warning about the Women's March today in Buenos Aires. Here's the riotous crowd of rebels outside its gates. Nearly as many police here as protesters, plus a gaggle of reporters.

Hairy the friendly neighborhood armadillo.

Jesus wishing us safe travels. Puerto Deseado, Argentina.

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