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Gypsy is a beautiful senior burmese, with a gummy mouth and some stunning two tone eyes!

She is a very sweet girl, who simply LOVES sleeping and allllwwwaayyys wants food
Gypsy has no fangs, presumably lost in her life before a warm home and constant affection. Because of this, we soak her bickies in water for a little bit before feeding her. She gobbles up her food with no problems now.

Gypsy is not a frightened girl of the environment, she has even come with us to bunnings!
She loves a headscratch, and a chin rub. She purrs when she sees you, and just wants to rub herself on your legs when you are around.
Gypsy runs around the house like a wild chook at times, but loves sunbaking and perching herself on her bed to clean all day too. She would suit a quiet home, with no overtly nosey dogs getting in her way - she has a paw and isnt afraid to use it!

Gypsy adoption fee is $100. If you are interested in meeting her, please contact Rhi on 0431 969 919

Diego DESPERATELY needs a forever home or rescue to step up and take him! The pound has said they won’t take surrenders... 😞
He is 9 years, fully vetted, and a malamute x labrador - but doesn’t show stereotypes of these breeds, being that he is a VERY SWEET obedient boy. He is excellent with young children (raised with toddlers), perfect with cats, and has lived with other dogs before (but not for a few years). Please, if you can help him, contact desperately.
Located Central Coast

Don't forget the seniors. Over the next few days we'll be showing you or seniors. Remember especially as a 10 year old cat.... they can live until they're 20 . Plus they've already had 10 years to practice that cat attitude! Please consider adopting an oldie.
Wendle is 10 years old and he is a big boy at 8.5 kilo s, but as cute and loveable as he may be he will still be homeless on Tuesday, please help if you can foster or give him a forever home … He has been desexed chipped and vaccinated and was vet checked and given the healthy high five today at Doylson vet :-) Call Chris 0406612339 Adult price is $75

Euthanasia doesn't have to be the only option.
Do you have a pet you can no longer care for?
You, yourself might be sick and unable to care for your pet.
You might be moving away and can't take your pet.
Your pet might be getting old but not sick and you think it's easier to put them to sleep.
Have you tried asking all your friends and family if they can adopt?
Have you tried contacting all the local pounds and Rescue Groups?
Every week we save animals, sometimes with only minutes to spare. These animals are dropped off to the vet with instructions to euthanise.
Sometimes Rescue Groups can find them a loving family, giving them years more of cuddles and kisses.
Cats and dogs recover remarkably fast from losing a loved one. Give them a chance of another life.
It is illegal to save an animal after orders to euthanise have been given, so the administering vet and or the rescue group or organisation would seek the permission of the existing owner to re home the animal .. Sometimes people are unaware that this help exists or fear that their pet may not adjust to new owner's or surroundings .

Poor sweet Kenzy has been in care for far too long. Isn't there someone who can fall in love with this stunning girl.
Please contact her foster carer

MUMmmmmmm she hit me!!!!! Wild attack between feroscious siblings Pumbaa & Serafina fighting for territory.

If you’re looking for a well mannered canine companion then buddy is the doggo for you.

Buddy would be suited to a loving home that can offer him affection, walks and continue with light discipline to keep his manners in check.

We came across Buddy because his elderly Carer could no longer look after him due to their own ill health. The paperwork we have for Buddy ages him at 11 but his playful behaviour and activeness definitely doesn’t reflect his age.

Buddy is good in the car, loves a walk but gets excited if he sees another dog, which is where the light discipline comes in. He just needs a small correction and he’s refocused on his relaxing walk.

Buddy has not been tested with children or felines. He is currently sharing our home with our male 10 year old Maltese Shitzu and there has been no issues.

Medical notes

There are no known medical issues. Buddy does have a couple of small bumps/moles on his side but has been checked and given the ok.
Age:11 years 4 months
Adoption fee: $350

Bouncy but Lazy
Large Male Great Dane Mix Dog

Great with people and kids He likes to follow you around

So Zeus is a Great Dane x Bullmastif I would say he is about 3 years old.

Zeus lives for food and will eat anything and everything and I mean will eat it from the garbage can if you let him.

Beach: He loves going to the beach to run around but is getting better with water will only go to his armpits, he has been fine when I have taken him in say this he does like to run off a bit but not too far.

Car: Zeus’s behaviour when it come to car rides, if I was to open the car door while he is around he jumps straight in. I’ve alway use a harness to stop him getting in the front. He faces the back or lies down, we just got him to put his head out the window.

Baths: HE HATES BATHS! I recommend if bathing in a shower bath use a lead he will try to jump out. Once you start to was him he freezes but is okay. HE GOES CRAZY once he is allowed out of the bath and slightly dry, will run around and freak out but in a good way.

ZEUS HATES CATS! He has chased a cat 500m up the road before

Other dogs tend to try and pick on him at the dog park so we don't go :-( Further information call Chris 0406612339 I rarely get time to answer emails and voicemails tend to get buried so please call or text :-)

Today is a happy day. This is Pumbaa and Serafina with their loving mama Serabi. Pumbaa is the cheeky one playing. They're going strong and putting on weight. Fingers crossed they keep at it. They're not ready for applicants yet we'll let you know when

Introducing the beautiful mama to The Lion King litter, Serabi. We rescued her 2 weeks ago, only 8 months old, abandoned, malnourished and with five three day old kittens.
Now look at her, don't you wish you looked this fabulous 2 weeks after having babies. She's the sweetest most affectionate girl to humans and a perfect, loving, caring mama to her babies. We lost 3 of her babies on the weekend but her last 2 are getting all the love and attention to keep them strong. Serabi isn't ready for adoption until her babies don't need her, we'll let you know when though. This purring Queen will make someone very happy. 😍 preference will you go to someone who has 3 hands... 2 hands aren't enough to pat Serabi.

Wendle is 10 years old and he is a big boy at 8.5 kg, but as cute and loveable as he may be he will still be homeless on Tuesday, please help if you can foster or give him a forever home … He has been desexed chipped and vaccinated and was vet checked and given the healthy high five today at Doylson vet :-) Call Chris 0406612339 Adult price is $75

It must have been the night for it. Crackers came into care 10 days ago. She was an abandoned girl another rescue from western sydney asked us to help out with. Late Thursday night Crackers went into labour all my kids were so excited as it's always nice for them to see the babies and soon delivered but it was a stillborn baby. He was hairless and not quite formed properly. Crackers rejected it instantly. She rested but no more contractions came.
Little tiny Dillon (means ray of hope) was born via cesarean on Friday, we lost his 3 siblings at birth and although Dillon was lifeless at birth too we fought giving him mouth to mouth and rubbing him for 45 minutes. He didn't give up he kept gasping the occasional gasp till finally he was breathing on his own. He was premi and oh so tiny, weighing in at just 40gm, yet he kept fighting so we kept fighting with him. His mum was tollerating feeding him at times but refused to care for him. He was fed all through the day and night feeding well at 6.30 this morning yet when I went to feed at 8am he had passed. We fight for these guys and sometimes fail but we get up and do it again.
You were special little Dillon, sorry we couldn't do more for you.

And now I get cleaned up and sorted for the next battle. 😔

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