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Claudia Lion  5’1’’ babe 🌱 love bodies and other stuff 🍕 Playboy Italy 🔥 I pose and take pics 📷 Based in Veneto, Italy.

Comment your favorite: 1, 2 or 3 I love all’em and there’s a couple tens more just check the link in bio

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I wish it could rain again
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I only say: girls, there’s nothing wrong with being conscious about our inner erotic power and still use it. There’s no sin on it, every woman is naturally born with a sensual aurea that blooms at one point and becomes part of our totality as humans. This peculiarity has been scaring men for centuries, and still today agitates oppressive movements and ideals all around the world. Sometimes you’ll be told to hide it, sometimes you’ll find yourself objectified. Every time, you’ll have to be strong enough to realize you’re not wrong, and find a way to liberate yourself again and again. Tell this story to whom complain for not having a man’s day.
Yeah I mirror dance before shooting (many videos like this at the link on bio) 🥰

Should I come back to Paris this year? Analog by: @lobbiaz

Check this film by @paolamalloppo 🐒

In a few days my Patreon page will be 1 year and 6 months old. So much time! So many people who came and went. I’m celebrating trust today!
These are some of my favorite self-portraits, made possible by trust. What’s your fave? Comment from 1 to 5 ❤️

I’m feeling better now so I’m back to work and available for shootings and video projects 🤓 I’m based in Veneto (Italy) but I can travel through Europe if needed 🦅
For infos and bookings please contact me via direct or here:
Ph: @george_berg_la

Nowadays the choice - more than being about what to share and what to hide - is between sharing for a purpose or sharing for sharing. I personally like to imagine a serie of dynamic, positive and constructive consequences after each little thing I share, even if I know I often fail (ego’s fault mainly).
Having my voice heard by so many people makes me responsible for those consequences, and it’s the same for anybody else out there, like it or not, so please let’s start realizing this truth and make of this (not only)virtual world a better place.
Amazing analog piece by @brock_bill_photo

What’s your natural hair color? Do you like it?
Mine is the one you can actually see on me: blonde 🐱and I’d never change it

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