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Claudia Sampedro  Not meant for the faint hearted, overly sensitive, scrutinizing, nor the hypercritical |Some women are lost in the fire, some women are built from it|

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Have you noticed that when you're making a really big leap in a different direction, your mind tends to think about what you have to give up rather than what you could gain? You hesitate because you think about what you have right now and the false idea of comfort you generate from complacency. Immobilized by self doubt and fear, you continue going through the motions utilizing the same patterns that leave you feeling drained, frustrated and unsatisfied. Why is it so difficult to step outside of your comfort zone and leap with with confidence and faith? I'm learning that walking in faith is one of the most important shifts you can make when transforming yourself. When you shift to the faith mindset, pieces fall into place even though you have not worked out the "how" yet. Think about the bigger picture as you pursue a much bigger mission. Allow yourself to pass through the fear and walk beyond it, into a place of endless possibilities. You may not have all the answers right away but life will open up to you if your intent is pure. Here's one of the smiles that helps me get through some of my darkest days, to remind you that you are you are capable of living out a life of love, fulfillment and authenticity, it's just a matter of shifting your perspective and deciding to take action #Amaresito πŸ’™

Taking my @proteinworld slender blend post during my shoots and seeing some great results! I'm using it as part of the 30 day challenge, have you started it yet? #30daychallenge #proteinworld

I can't help but wonder if these two tiny souls know something about life that I have forgotten. They are more confident, more courageous and enjoy life far more intensely than I do. Sometimes it feels that we spend our entire lives trying to return to who we were as children. These two inspire me daily and remind me that perhaps, by example, children can teach us to bring more clarity and joy into adulthood ❀️
#KeanaBanana #Amaresito

We run deep, yo πŸ’œ
#KeanaBanana #ElijahFayson #Amaresito

Rounded up the troops in support of my besties @astridbavaresco one year anniversary for @heraswim ❀️ HMU: @robangel_ @Cer
Romper by @bochelleboutique

#ad Back on the @flattummytea detox cause it literally keeps my tummy in check every time. It’s just too easy to drink a cup of this each day to get a flatter tummy. Who tried it last time I had it a few months ago?

#ad Okay so I caved! Tried out this new @sneakyvaunt push up bra and I love it! Adjustable cleavage and it’s backless? This bra has me looking fabulous underneath clothes. Go get yours at

So excited for tonight's cover release party for my cover with @lifestylemagfl shot by @jameswoodleyphoto hair and makeup by my babes @robangel_ and @cezr and orchestrated to perfection by @lizzymo_
Big thanks to the entire team that helped make this possible, see you guys tonight πŸ–€

The bull's-eye that we women must learn to hit consistently is the true self. Unfortunately, too many of us intuitively recognize the target but distrust our own vision and aim in the wrong direction. Here's to empowering ourselves with the virtue of courage, taking aim at the true target of our lives work, and beginning to hit the bull's-eye with ease and poise. #wpoise
HMU: @robangel_ @cezr

I got one girl, and she my girl, she'll admit it, she'll admit it 😜
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I got that tunnel vision for you 😍 #Amaresito

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