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here’s the thing: you don’t get better overnight.
the flu doesn’t go away overnight, a broken arm doesn’t heal overnight, not even a paper cut will heal over night.
therefore, you can’t expect a broken heart and an ill mind to recover in 8 hours.
you are on your way.
you are on the right path, whichever it is.
and if it’s not the direction you should’ve taken, turn around, go anywhere.
just do what you need to do to make your life yours again.
to make yourself feel like you. ❤️
- found quote on @aboutlastsunday

grateful to have had @deshoots & @felicityannedesign take me out on a spontaneous last minute road trip to sleep under the stars ✨ #adventure

goodnight 🌹 #sweetdreams
wearing: @vitaeapparel

I'm bummed
can't sleep
feeling down.
when I wake
you're not around

wild to see my hair so dark 🖤 wanting to change it up already. Thoughts? 💭🌹

most importantly love
like it’s the only thing you know how
at the end of the day all this
means nothing
this page
where you’re sitting
your degree
your job
the money
nothing even matters
except love and human connection
who you loved
and how deeply you loved them
how you touched the people around you
and how much you gave them
- milk and honey 🥛 & 🍯

I don’t broadcast to my followers all my highs and lows but I am also trying to live life without trying to convince the world that I have a life. I try to disconnect and be more socially aware of my surroundings and try to absorb as much life in as much as I possibly can.
Social media has enabled some people to act disrespectfully without fear of consequences which sadly I’m sure would be approached much differently being in person. But don’t get me wrong, social media also has a beautiful way of keeping you connected with the beauty in which the world has to offer 🌏 It gives you hope with what you can achieve or accomplish with your life.
I love to share moments from my life that carry a special memory or the places that I’ve been. To show the art that I’ve been proud to have worked on alone or created with a group of talented people.
I have managed to go over two years without a phone plan and it has been the best couple years of my life just to feel slightly less connected.
The next few days I’ll be taking a little break to clear my mind and be with friends and enjoy what it used to be like before there was such a thing as, ‘social media’ ✌️ chat soon with all of you, I appreciate all the support 💗🦋🌹💫 🌈

I’ve always wanted a dog so I guess this will be the closest thing to that for now 💛
garden hangs with princess phoebe 🌻

I never really used to like flowers but lately I can’t seem to stop picking out new ones for the house. It instantly lifts my mood and makes me happier, my current obsessions are roses and peonies 🌹
if you take a look at @heidigwaii recent post she explains how theirs been a number of studies that show flowers can decrease feelings of stress and anxiety and boost ones mood. ❤️
what’s your favourite flower?

sun shine on my mind 🌞

coffee & a gluten free brownie at the Vancouver art gallery today w/ @jenelleszetela 🌞 looks like the last nice sunny day until next week, hopefully that changes🤞 this girl needs some sunshine 24/7 💛🌹

I saw you in my dreams again 🌛

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