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Claudette Lassandro  Texas A&M Soccer #7 // atx // 1 Peter 5:7 - fully understood & unconditionally loved

How humbling it is to know that the Lord’s love is never ending, His work in our hearts is forever changing, and the truth in His word is ALWAYS fulfilling. Haiti never ceases to push me further in my faith and show me what it truly means to have Jesus in my heart. He called us to serve, and, once again, He showed me the strength, selflessness, and compassion the people of Haiti possess and actively use to serve us and the people around them. He continues to teach me that no matter where we are at in life, the love and encouragement we choose to instill in others can impact them in ways unimaginable. That is the kind of love that the people of Haiti have shown me, and that is the kind of love I want to show others. The people we surround ourselves with shape us into who we are, and I pray those of us who were touched by Haiti continue to pursue our burning faith and seek to intentionally fill each other and others around us with the abundant joy of the Lord. The cliché is worth it - Haiti, you hold such a special place in my heart!!! Mwen Renmen Ayíti!! 💗

selling this on eBay who wants it

Long distance relationships mean nice dinner dates when we’re together and fortnite duo dates when we’re apart <3
Loved having you home this week - you make me the happiest girl @hankhughes11 !!! ♥️

A year ago today, I officially committed my life to Christ, and I have been living a life of renewal and restoration ever since. Living for Him, discovering my purpose through Him, and trying to love everyday like Him, has grown me in ways I could have never imagined, and I am now forever devoted to sharing His forgiveness and compassion. Also, peep these pics above from May 19, 2017: the day I got re-baptized surrounded by a bunch of amazing people that I adore endlessly. Gig ‘em God, ya feel?

Ag Soc 2018 banquet tips & highlights: .
• Claim the picture wall early.
• Brandon (Ag Soc’s #1 fan) receiving a new #6 jersey.
• My mom crying due to Brandon receiving a new #6 jersey.
• Retrieve bread pudding & water first.
• Mik’s speech
• Seriously gotta invest in taller heels these days (to: me, from: me)
• Phil shoving a lemon in his mouth (individual experience)
• Does anyone remember filming that senior video
• Team Mexico

Happy (very late) Birthday to a forever friend - may your third decade consist of many more panicked phone calls and ~tasteful~ lunch dates with yours truly. Love you kt j!!!💕

Happy Birthday to the only guy I would voluntarily drive 16 hours with just to be greeted by -3 degree weather. Hank, thank you for always making just as spontaneously ugly faces as me, always responding to my cookie desires (needs), always watching vine compilations with me (the good ones), always running out into the street when there is a friendly critter in the road, and for always screaming my name in stores when you’re scared I’m going to get lost. So glad I get to spend this day with you, hope it’s the best one!!♥️

Ringin’ in the New Year by celebrating my bestest friend turning 20 - Happy Birthday to my favorite New Year baby!!! Jenballs, thanks for always resurfacing old inside jokes that we never stop laughing at and for being the messy locker buddy I know I’ve always needed in my life!! 2018 AND your bday?? Time to go harder now seriously #ily #didwejust #didwenot #thatsshowbizbaby #wakethemup #playdamovie #yaaahplay #everythingaboutbossbaby #notonyourbirthday #byeeehannah

Merry Christmas to everyone except the guy who switched from filming Verizon to Sprint commercials
Much love,
Claud and Cindykens❤️❤️

Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam… And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv, @machzartin !! CONGRATS TO MAC & ZACH FOR JOINING IN #HolyMARTINmony!!! 💍💍 p.s. super thankful for you @hankhughes11

The possible production of vine 2.0 was released a day before our Texas version of a snowstorm. Now I’m not saying these two miracles are related, but I’m most definitely not denying it.

My favorite guy is flyin’ off to Indiana next semester and I couldn’t be more excited to watch him ball out!! I’m gonna miss you tons Hank #wefly #chirpchirp #hank4heisman

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