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I was talking on the phone with my mom today and I brought up how life would be without Son at this point in my life. I could not even imagine. He is my bestie, the love of my life(besides Lynn), and he completes me. He is exactly what I needed last year when I lost my grandmother and my dear friend G. And even though this year has been more than I could have ever imagined, Son is the icing on the cake and makes our lives so much more grand. There was a time this year when work was extremely stressful and I would be there waiting for 5pm to arrive so I could pick Son up and go to dinner at our fav restaurants. This went on for 2-3 weeks straight. How would I have handled that time without him? All I can do at this point is smile. So grateful to be at a point in life where the good heavily outweighs the bad and Son is around to share this joy. Such an amazing feeling. Forever grateful. #GodBeKnowin

Son these days.

Other. Fav. Pic. Ever!

Fav. Pic. Ever.

ATV'n Jamaican style. They underestimated me... They were surprised. #NowWatchMeWhip


The Fosters in Jamaica celebrating the newlywed Richardsons

Recently we found a new home for Baby Chance. Between Son, work, and school, we weren't able to give him the attention we used to. Such a bittersweet feeling. But he's loving his new home with his new doggy brothers. #ShihTzu #ChanceTheKid

Bae. #SonTheSon

The Baes. #SonTheSon

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