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Clare Grant  “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” ~ Hafiz

Who says unicorns don’t grow on trees?!!

Excited to finally share the news! Our movie is being distributed in June. Making a movie about friendship with some of my best friends in the most beautiful country was the experience of a lifetime. I could not be more happy for @SethGreen who was inspired by Thailand to make this loving film. Can’t wait to share it with you all.

There are too many women in my life who are incredible, inspirational and downright badass to include in any sort of montage for International Women’s Day. So here is my number one female inspiration. Yeah, she’s an animated superhero, but she fights for love, justice, friendship and believes in women supporting other women while not being too tough or proud to know when she needs the men in her life as well. It’s funny to me that I learned so much about how to be a strong woman from a cartoon, but here I am. I am thankful to Sailor Moon and all the strong women out there who influenced me, picked me up when I needed help, and showed me kindness when it didn’t serve them. We are all sisters. We are all brothers. We are all family. •

Art by: Babs Tarr

Ain’t no party like a cave party. #unicorn

Woke up sad. Today’s news makes me more sad. This coat makes me happy. •

📷: @steveagee

Happy birthday @SteveAgee. It’s all for you. #ageeturns50 #MadonnaInn
📷: @steveagee

Ask me about my day job. 🦄 #unicorn

Two straws, a Coke Classic, & a make-out platform. 🤣 Happy Valentine’s to all my loves out there. But especially this one right here. May we always find stairs. 💚

Happy birthday to @sethgreen. My truest love. My forever friend. The Artemis to my Luna. Every version of us is my favorite version. No one makes me laugh harder than you. Feel safer than you. Makes me feel ok about eating 10 two packs of Little Debbie cream filled snack cakes in one sitting than you. Every day with you is the best day. I hope your day today is as wonderful as you are. 💚🐺💚

Last week we celebrated the man behind the immortal legend that is @therealstanlee and all the ways he influenced so many people’s lives both personally and through his work. The entire night was touching, moving and inspiring. Words cannot describe the feelings I have for Stan Lee. One of my most vivid memories as a kid was the moment I discovered the X-Men. I was sitting in my friend DJ’s room and saw a poster of Gambit on his wall and needed to know everything about the man with kinetic energy shooting from his eyes and fingertips. DJ then introduced me to the X-Men and I fell fast and hard for the first superhero team that I felt I could relate to: a team of ordinary people, all misfits and loners whose lives were changed forever when they were gifted superpowers. A team of people rejected from society or their own families who then found family and strength in each other. I discovered the X-Men during the amazing Chris Claremont & Jim Lee run of the series and absorbed everything I could get my hands on. I made friends that have lasted throughout my life based on our mutual love of Marvel characters and even met my husband in a comic book shop where Stan Lee was there cutting the ribbon at the grand reopening ceremony. Getting to work with Stan on my own little projects was a highlight of my career, and knowing Stan as a friend was a highlight of my life. Excelsior, Stan!! You achieved what all of us hope: immortality and the love of an entire planet. You deserve nothing less. 💚

Dress: @galvanlondon
Styled by: @joeytierney
Hair/MU: meeeee (please come home @anissaemily I am lost without you)

Living my best life. #nerd

So. Much. Family. It’s been 14 years since I was able to spend a holiday with all of my siblings and it’s been such a chaotic, I mean special time. I had all these plans of spending qt with my favorite local memphis spots, but I have barely left my mom’s house and eaten more sugar and bread than any human in all of time. Hope you all are surrounded by friends or family or furry ones or hopefully all of the above. At the same time. Eating dog friendly pie. 🎁


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