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Bowditch: BeYourOwnKindOfGirl  2017: you're An Album Year! Join me for the good life: "Afternoons", ABC Radio Melbourne, and at CB xo xo

Yup. No gold stars for me today, but he seems happy enough, and my two-pot hangover is slowly, slowly subsiding. It's called being a "Good Enough Mother", and it's A Okay. X

Can someone please explain the top middle option to us? My friend @keminekvapil will not leave the cubicle until we explain it to her. Frankly, I'm at a loss. CB x

They say it's backwards, I know, but I am just so glad my daughter and her best friend got to enjoy our wedding with us all those years ago now. Can you believe how glorious those flowers were? Photo by Stephen McKenzie. Flowers by artist extraordinaire Aimee Herriot (now @aimeepradel) and Mel from @ceciliafox

So I say to Hannah, "Just a snack, please". #datenight #moroccansoupbar

New Jones' at Fed Square - go see it! Amazing!

A life well lived... what does that statement mean to you?

I Love You Guys 💛

I have just had an extraordinary day with an extraordinary gang of new once-strangers-now-friends. It's our event called Sing Song Showtime. We meet, we eat, we talk, we sing, we put on a concert, all in a day. They are calling themselves the Big Hearted Choir and you're all welcome to join next Sing Song Showtime in a couple of months. Our helpers were brilliant. I'm on a singer's high! Xxx

Bruce made a rainbow come out of John's head! That really was a rainbow! #springsteensummer17

Check out the massive pash at the end #becausethenight #lovers #iloveyoubruce #andmarty #brucespringsteen #who'stheboss #YouBruce #theboss

This is one of my favourite Dutch proverbs, and it was one of my mother's favourite ones too. Did you inherit any crazy sayings from your family? Love to hear them xo