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Bowditch: BeYourOwnKindOfGirl  2017: you're An Album Year! Join me for the good life: "Afternoons", ABC Radio Melbourne, and at CB xo xo

Yep, 8:39pm and it is actually, non-satirically, time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow I get to interview LINDA RONSTADT! I love my job, I really do, it just means I need a lot of reading time, thinking time, and a lot of attempted-sleeping-time: all things that lead to a very lean mid-week night-life. Are you the same? Not complaining for a second: my colleagues @richelle_hunt and Brian Nankervis will be getting up soon for their morning shift. Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for a generous start to your day xo @abcinmelbourne

Krista Tippett is a true giant amongst broadcasters, and, to my knowledge the only guest I've ever invited on my show who happens to have her very own Stasi file. Her show, On Being, is one of my all time favourite things to listen to. She joins me today on #afternoons @abcinmelbourne with he woman who is hosting her Australian visit, @berryfeather @becomingwise

This video reveals the true secret behind my totally effortless hair colour #truthing #clareclaretheexercisebear @hairbylaurenm #it'safknswing!

I've never shared anything this personal before: it is "The true secret of how I keep my figure" #behindthescenes #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #bowdo #letsgo

Tell me if this experience is familiar to you: Saturday, at a trampoline centre, arrived in a seven-seater-wagon, we're late, got lost on the highway on the way, splitting headache, forget the "special socks" and the snacks so my wallet is basically open to the wind, currently clutching a keep-cup and wearing #activewear that I have ZERO intention of being #active in and I think to myself, who exactly is this woman I have become? I look around, I see dozens of us. What happened here? Is this the unspoken cost of #truelove ? Have we reached #peaksoccermum ? Is this the modern landscape of privilege? Do I need a #bex and a #liedown? #acceptacceptaccept and, if possible, #enjoyenjoyenjoy

I was a free woman once. Did what the hell I want. Just ask my sister @annarobinsonphotos (who captured this). The hair is different, but the spirit lives on, Monday to Thursday, on my radio show @abcinmelbourne (where today we shall use cocktails as a hinge for a discussion about world history, and @keminekvapil will teach us how to ask for what we want, without apology). Go #afternoons #freedom

Had so much fun making "Guilty Pleasures" heaven with these Curry Brothers (there to represent "one in five") xx Recording is up on the @abcinmelbourne website

As old as the hills, it is (image c/o @nytimes) #weightlossjourney

Goodnight, you bears. Xo #saturdaynightin

25 years, still chugging along, Defah D, you're mah #bestfriend

My husband's best friends are SUPER protective/(handsome)! #besties

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