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Clara Cosmia  🔞18+ Camgirl on MFC (mfc.im/ClaraCosmia) Programmer, cosplayer, model, artist, dork, aerialist... crazy cat lady😸 🇨🇦🇬🇧


Hey guys! I've got another shoot with @officialartisticurves planned soon but we wanna do what you wanna see! I've got a poll on my twitter between these two lovely redheads, and we'll do whichever wins 😺
It's only running for one more day so please vote!
I'm @claracosmia there as well, there s a direct link to the tweet in my insta story 💋
(fabulous art by @jamietyndall and @jscottcampbellart obvs)

For the love of God someone pls come help me clean my room 🙃
In other news I used a gradual tanning cream and I'm not blindingly pale but also not oopma loompa shade so that's good. I'm not sure how I feel about it...
PS for more life stuff (and also nudity obvs) you can grab a snap membership at

Hey guys! I'm case you didn't see my stories, in running for maxims finest and I would super appreciate your vote! It only takes a couple seconds and you can vote multiple times (once per day). I made it through the first round but there's still a few left, so it's important to keep votingggg. Make me part of your morning routine... Tea and vote for Clara? Coffee and vote for Clara? Poo and vote for Clara? 🙃

Vote here: bit.ly/ClaraMaxim (or swipe up in my story!)

FINALLY BACK IN MFC LAND! come hang Mfc.im/ClaraCosmia (link in Story)
#myfreecams #onmfc

#CreativityIsDead Series Chapter IV “ … and a stranger came ashore pt. 2 “ feat. @claracosmia | photo : @sideshowsito !

Behind the scenes video coming shortly!

I really enjoyed the shoot despite giving myself hypothermia (surprisingly a first) because I'm a stubborn arse, and getting slapped in the face with a dead fish 🙃 THE THINGS YOU DO FOR ART THO

Massive thank you to Sito for letting me be a part of this project and also giving me a creative voice as well. I've loved his work for probably a decade so it was surreal but awesome to be able to work with him!

And of course thanks to Raigen, couldn't have done it without him

#mermaid #mermaidlife #worthhypothermia #ginger #redhead #topless #lake #watershite

I should be online MFC tonight finally! Around eleven EST (the only massage appt I could get this week was nine to ten so imma have to go in full makeup and log on when I get home hahahah wish me luck)

Kitty updates! Thank to so fucking much for the donations I am baffled and overwhelmed with your kindness. We've entirely covered the xrays costs and made a dent in some of the other costs.

Her breathing is getting a bit better (swipe to see the second video, those were taken a couple days apart - right vid from yesterday has slower and less shallow/ragged breathing, I didn't get a video when she was sickest cause obvs I wasn't thinking straight), and she has some energy and appetite back. It was a shot in the dark with her meds since we didn't know what caused her bronchitis but antibiotics seem to be helpful!

I've finished editing the lingerie kitty pic set and everyone that donated will get it! As well I'll be sending out thank you cards for all the donations over $20
Lastly swipe to the end for some important explanations

Bit.ly/Dewen for more info/donations

I'M SO EXCITED TO RELEASE THIS IMAGE! Stay tuned for part II and bts fun... #CreativityIsDead Series Chapter IV “ … and a stranger came ashore “ feat. @claracosmia | photo : @sideshowsito !

#mermaid #mermaidlife #worthhypothermia

Managed to fit in a shoot with these gorgeous ladies during a very hectic con day. Get ready for some hotness incoming! (first image is already up on @mysterymanphoto's page check it outtt)
PS swipe for the cutest ginger sandwich evs
PPS woke up with a migraine yaaaay CAN'T CAM TONIGHT :(
Aiming to make a grand return to mfc land on Thursday instead.... May hop on insta live first again

HAI I'M GONNA BE ONLINE MYFREECAMS TONIGHT! It's been forever and I miss you guys, I'll try and hop in insta live again before hand... Probably to tape my knees and chill, you know the drill 🙃

Aiming to make a grand return to mfc land on Thursday instead.... May hop on insta live first again

Bit.ly/dewen to halp

Hai I'm weird but cute, love me pls 🙃

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