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Clara Cosmia  🔞18+ Camgirl on MFC, programmer, cosplayer, model, artist, dork, photographer, living w chronic illness... crazy cat lady😸 🇨🇦🇬🇧


Online now! Last night in awhile come hang I'm gonna miss you!
Search myfreecams for ClaraCosmia (or swipe from my story)

I am... Powerful
Thank you so much to @stefiedrew for being my fabulous date and inviting me to this rad party by @thestoreonqueen at @lovechildsocial!
Outfit deets: sets from @victoriassecret and @lasenza, shoes from @jeffreycampbell
📷 by @iamchrisreign
#disabledandcute #chronicallyfabulous #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie #ginger #redhead #fibromyalgia #disabledmodel #eds #tensor #braces

Still got a dress to finish sewing and the crown to make but my snow faerie look for the 21st is coming together and I'm super hyped!
Also Tomorrow (Tuesday) one of only two more shows left in the next few weeks so don't miss it!
PS my body has been having a real rough time with how much I've been working lately (decided to knock me on my ass with a migraine today as well) so thank you to everyone for your patience and support. If you've gotten products or content from me I'm definitely working my ass off to get them to you asap!
I've been crazy busy trying to pay off stuff needed for a move which has been nothing but a ball of stress icing haha. Snapfam and my MFC chat room are in the loop but I'll write a big update here shortly. Basically it's hell right now but I'm hoping once the dust settles end of Jan I can jump back into being able to create awesome content for you guys, more shoots, tutorials, videos, put more time into camming, cosplay, and launch my patreon!

I'm not built for this bullshit!
What temperature is it where you are?

What should I call this look? Crimson faerie? Scarlett queen? Fire priestess?
Slowish night tonight, let's make sure we can free con and fusion next week!
ONLY TWO MORE CAM NIGHTS IN DEC! 12th (Tuesday) and then the 21st!
#tensor #fibromyalgia #disabledmodel #disabledandcute #chronicallyfabulous #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie #ginger #redhead

#holosexual bunny!

I've been testing glitter makeup for my winter solstice show (on the 21st obvs) and I forgot how sensitive my eyes are to shit holy hell. They burn like a mofo and it looks like I've been crying for hours hahah oh Jesus...

Redheads can't wear red? Suck mah diiiick
Also breaking news, your thighs splay out when you sit, and your hourglass doesn't stay perfect BUT GUESS WHAT? I STILL LOOK LIKE A HAWT BADDASS FAERIE
PS wearing this outfit on live on cam tomorrow!
PPS check my BTS video a couple posts back to see how we got this shot!
Shot by @timbermingham
#redhead #faerie #ginger #cloak #redfaerie

Throwback to my camiversary show hahah who remembers #glitterpocalypse2017?
No live show tomorrow, we're doing another Friday show instead! Gonna have a lush night (remote control vibe! And booooze) hope you can make it 💋
Aiming for insta live about half ten and mfc for 11 EST!

Rawr, I'm a Lion! Online MFC!
Come haaaaang. Can't post a link but it's in my story or search myfreecams for ClaraCosmia
#onmfc #myfreecams
#tensor #fibromyalgia #disabledmodel #disabledandcute #chronicallyfabulous #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie #butyoudontlooksick

BTS from my shoot this weekend with @timbermingham baha, needless to say I was pretty hyped about this swing!
I'll be online MFC tonight, and also I updated the subscriptions for snapchat in my store, normally I do it near the end of December but I love you guys and so early merry Christmas! If you grab one now you're basically GETTING AN EXTRA MONTH OF SNAPCHAT FOR FREEEE
Bit.ly/ClaraSnap (or click the link to my store in my profile)
Daily updates of life, the universe, and everything (but mainly derp and noods let's be real here)
If you're already part of Snapfam you can grab a new subsc any time now to renew just remember to do it before year end if yours runs out Dec 31st!

God damn this filter is basic af... But it's so cute!
What's your fav filter?
Currently headed to a shoot with @timbermingham today, pretty hyped about it. Lots of flowy faerie stuff packed but only rough concepts in mind... Excited to see what we can create

Kitty stretch!
Once upon a time when my body was less broken I did flexibility training for am hour every damn day. I got my splits a year in and I was Hella proud! Till my physio said I was too broken for that shit and was just angering my nerves/joints more and I wasn't allowed to stretch anymore haha. WELL. Splits were on my bucket list and even if I only had them for like a week... Still counts! I'll try and find a pic of the splits to post!
What's a goal your worked your arse off to achieve?
#tensor #fibromyalgia #disabledmodel #disabledandcute #chronicallyfabulous #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie #butyoudontlooksick #eds

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