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Clair Meldrum (official)  Painting things on the Coast of NSW, Australia. Ghetto kweenin. Slay at home mummin #clairsdoodle

I’m a 34 year old rational, intelligent woman. I live for true crime, conspiracy theories, cult mentality, prison gangs, paranormal activity and psychology on all its levels.
I also read the entire twilight series in the last week and if you want to unfollow me, I’ll understand. #secretshame #teamedward

My fabulous little weirdo turned 7 today. I didn’t mind taking a backseat on Mother’s Day, after all... she’s my reason for getting out of bed (painfully early) each day. #ariejean

Acknowledged for the queen I am. #queenlovesgold

That’s my kid with fists full of rocks and sticks to throw into rock pools. Afterwards, he had an ice cream at 10:30am. Later I bought him a new toy gun. These might not be things you would let your kids do and you might wanna say something (like the couple at the park today). My very anxious and sensory Milo hates the outdoors and touching dirty things but he loves watching them crash and did it safely. Last time we did this, he had an ice cream afterwards and he needs the continuity to feel safe or he would never go back. He was so brave during a haircut this afternoon which he loathes, so he gets a reward that he loves. What might look like average parenting MIGHT be some of the best parenting for that family, on that day. Don’t be the assholes at the park, be the legend that sees a happy (or unhappy) child and gives a nod of solidarity.

I saw my husband washing his junk with my shower pouf.

Sometimes parenting is posing in a cave, under some dick graff, doing wank hands.


Arguably the coolest thing I’ve ever done was this incredible colab with the epically wonderful women behind @jerichoroadclothing and the extremely talented @elliewhittakerstudio. The hardest part has been keeping the surprise. If you wanna wear a doodle (things you thought you’d never say) then that time is coming so soon. If you haven’t seen what these women do... PLEASE go and do deep stalking. Who’s keen??

Unexplained occurrences in your home? Snacks disappearing? Unclaimed turds left floating in your dunny? Disembodied requests for a drink of water coming from your kids rooms HOURS after you’ve put them to bed? Your children seemingly “entranced” by minecraft for days at a time? You may be experiencing an otherworldly force, perhaps your children are hosting malevolent spirits OR it may be week 2 of the school holidays and you’ve been watching too much suggestive shit on YouTube. #UNSOLVED #seestories

I’ve watched so many first hand accounts of paranormal phenomenon on YouTube today, I had to turn the lights on. In the day. Just in case. #sendedandlorrainewarren

Me: “what tattoo should I get Milo?”
Milo: “dinodaur”
Me: “say no more”
Thanks too much @alexandrarosetattoo I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM #clairstattoos #trextattoo #dinotattoo #neotraditionaltattoo

I care so much about a LOT of things. Equality, fair trade, body positivity, activism, mental health, human rites, disabilities... I support minorities always, I understand my privilege (which I can’t change) and I hurt when I see injustice of any kind. I have been reading a lot of feeds promoting cause upon cause and am feeling like “caring” has become insufficient. If you don’t wave the flag for something, you’re against it!! It is humanly impossible to make every single facet of the human condition your personal conviction. We can only wave so many flags before we run out of hands to hold them. This might be a wildly unpopular post but it needs to be enough that we give a shit. That we teach our children to care and orchestrate change within the home for a more accepting tomorrow. It needs to be ok that my “good fight” is holding together the children I raise and the mind I have. Can we just do our very best without the guilt of not doing more? Can I just do me and by doing so, not offend you? Say yes.

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