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Claire Jansson πŸ‘»  I'm used to live in St. Louis and now I live in Long Beach. I used to sell coffee but now I sell juice. @literallyanythingpodcast

I've already cried several times BUT IT WILL BE GREAT! @literallyanythingpodcast #literallyanythingpodcast

ALRIGHT ALREADY! Our first episode will be out in 5 days! I hope you guys love it and don't find us so annoying that you'll turn it off 10 minutes in. If you do, whatever that's fine but I hate you now. Anyway, be prepared for a lot of talk about literally anything (it's in our name duh @literallyanythingpodcast ) and also nothing. There will be some over share, talk of old boyfriends, and nudey bootys. Get ready! Mom, you're not allowed to listen to the first episode. EDIT: We say fuck a lot. IM SORRY OKAY!?!?!?!!!!!???!?

"Got the body of a goddess" - @dirtycostumes every single day of her life.

We were on a boat all day yesterday and it was great πŸ“·- @corydkeen

One of these hats is not like the others

My building has a hobbit resident now. Olive wanted to say hey but they weren't home.


I miss buddy 😩


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