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It's Father's Day which jogged my memory that we had a baby? Little Malcolm Scott Neufeld, snoozing his way through Trump's America since 5/21/17. You're a cool dad @come_back_shane 🤓 (Scroll to end for a @bejohnce vid msg commissioned by @robtruglia, cleanly tied with "birth of son" for greatest gift I've ev received)

Big shoutout to sweaters tycoon @rachellehruska for launching my pregnant modeling career! Pls check out @linguafrancanyc, the official knitwear of the Resistance™ 🤓👊

Helluva day. #womensmarch #wokebabes

Fez-iz Navidad & happy mew year!!! #CATS

Reflecting on #HYGGE

I just searched the '07-'08 archives of my gchats with my brother hoping for some prescient nibble about this day; rather unfortunately his only mention of HRC i could find included the phrase "f that witch" during a particularly tense moment in her primary race vs Obama. But that's kinda poignant too--because my god, the staunchness of this woman: rejected by America in '08, only to take it to the mattresses and rise again on a triumphant wave of YAS KWEEN. Proud to be #withher and know Scott would be too 👼

Canadian Gothic 😎 #penguinisland #minkemayhem

LOVE IS REAL #ryderhardandsmall

My big spaceship fam made me this bday gif & now I can retire/die 🤓 #lacroixfam #laclairx @robtruglia @victorpineiro @j_juul @kacyemmett @pamplemousselacroixmemes

OK, OK, GOD IS GOOD #trumpcountry

Celebrating nine years at Giggles Inc (alone in the bathroom)! Time flies when you're a fuggin' nutjob

Stay weird y'all!! #stonehenge

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