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Claire Thomas  I like to lift weights, eat tacos & climb mountains. Oregonian 🌲| U of O 🦆 | program coming 🔜 You're the captain of your own ship. ⚓️ #CPTfitguide

Quick & effective decline bench ab routine with a 12 pound medicine ball. Do this circuit 3 times through with minimal rest. If your core isn't on 🔥then you're doin it wrong! #cptfitguide

Happy Sunday! I wanted to share with you all my favorite summer salad. 😋🥗🍎 Swipe 👈🏼 for the details! #cptfuelguide

Success begins with self-discipline. Hold yourselves accountable & go get your goals! 👊🏼 #happyweekendeveryone #mindovermatter #tomorrowstartstoday #cptfitguide 📸: @guillermoesquivel_

Happy #fitnessfriday! 💪🏼 Here's a solid back workout to start your weekend off right! Details are on each clip. 👆🏼#CPTfitguide

The best side is poolside with my @womensbest peach iced tea BCAAs. 🍑💦 BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are the one supplement that I take every single day! Why? They are involved directly in building muscle mass and are extremely beneficial to bringing results to my workouts. They belong to the essential amino acids, which the human body is unable to produce itself. So they must be in our diet – or directly in our BCAA powder! I also take BCAAs because they accelerate my recovery and reduce my muscle soreness so I can get after every single workout. 💪🏼 I even take them on my days off! #CPTfitguide #womensbest

Try this weight plate ab circuit 3-5x through at the end of your next gym workout! #CPTfitguide

Why am I so awkward? 😅 #teachmehowtoflex Reppin my @nwfitnessandstrength tank because I ❤️ my hometown! Where are my Molalla peeps at?! Go check the new gym out, you won't be disappointed! 💪🏼

Good mornin'! 😚 Did someone say it was waffle Wednesday?! Here's my favorite protein waffle recipe:⠀
•1 serving vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder •1/3 cup egg whites (or 2 egg whites)⠀
•1/2 mashed very ripe banana⠀
•1 tsp vanilla (optional)⠀
•dash of cinnamon (optional)⠀
•dash of cardamon (optional)⠀ ________________________________________________________•Mix all ingredients and cook in waffle maker. (Only cook a couple minutes otherwise it will become too dry and spongy.) ⠀

•1 tbsp PB2⠀
•5 smashed almonds⠀
•sprinkle of shredded coconut ⠀
•1/4 cup sugar free syrup ⠀
•regular whipped cream ⠀
•ENJOY 😋 #CPTfuelguide

Don't let them tame you. 🌿#wildwoodcafeandbar #pnw #staywild

Self reflection is essential if you are trying to achieve a goal or follow your passion. It's important to take time and ask yourself what your values are, assess your strengths & weaknesses, think about your perceptions & interactions with others & imagine where you see yourself in the future. What failed you in the past & how can you correct your mistakes tomorrow? Isolate yourself & envision the person you desire (& deserve) to become. It all starts with YOUR mind! Knowing what you want is the first step towards getting it! #gogetit #mondaymotivation #tomorrowstartstoday #cptfitguide 📸: @guillermoesquivel_

Triceps & biceps supersets. 💪🏼 The combination of these exercises will leave your arms feeling like noodles! (but very strong and toned noodles! 🤗) I perform 10 reps of each & 3x through each superset. Let me know if you have any questions! 💕 #happymonday #tomorrowstartstoday #cptfitguide @womensbest

It's a good feeling when your after pictures become your before pictures. The picture on the left was taken 2/26/2017 and the one on the right was taken this morning, 7/16/2017. It's not my physical transformation that I want to share with you all, but my mental one. What I see here is a transformation of my desire, my dedication, my priorities, my habits and my will. The physical part is easy! (Well, easier.) It's your mind that you must transform. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Your only limit is yourself! #yougotthis #tomorrowstartstoday #cptfitguide

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