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Kristine Claghorn  creative production, making chocolate + learning to live sustainably Los Angeles, CA 💌:

Happy bidet, @digimark! You give the best hugs, share the best hikes, make a great cat bed, and I’ll let the last photo speak for itself (insert horror movie music here). @digimark, you’re my favorite! 🎈

Worth the allergies. 🌼

I personally love the look of mismatched jars in the kitchen. It’s a good reminder of how you can reuse items and give them a new life after they’re empty! PS - the pink jar on the top is the veggie stock I made the other day with all of my vegetable scraps. It turned pink from all of the purple sweet potato peels I used! 🍠

Staring into the first photo of a black hole that’s ever been captured — go check it out on @nasa! It looks kind of like this: 💫💥⚫️

I shared some tips on producing less food waste + composting in my story! I’d love to hear how you’re wasting less in the kitchen. I’m sure there’s a lot of ideas I missed! Here, I saved up veggie scraps and froze them to make veggie stock. It’s delicious and now I have three huge jars full that I’ll freeze and save for later!

The hills are ALIIIIIIIIIVE (and beautiful, even though my allergies are off the charts). 🌼 thanks for 📷 @katekipley


It’s 84 degrees in LA right now, but I’m not ready to give up wearing pants... Wide legs are breezier, right? 🤷‍♀️🔥 This vintage-inspired denim from @everlane is dropping soon - go check them out! (ps - I’m wearing a 25 and I’m 5’7”) #damngooddenim #ad

I left the house for the first time this week today. Anyone else had the flu that’s going around? It knocked me out! ☠️


But I am le tired.


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