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Some of the time I’m over at the desk to check people onto computers. This involves you walking up and scanning a library card or showing identification. In this exchange, you tell me who you are and I give you a computer that is numbered; there are about four opportunities, if all goes well, for us to talk. When you walk up. When I say hello after you have walked up. When I tell you the number of the computer. When you walk away. But some appear and never say a word, never answer back. The down look down because something weighs. To look straight ahead would mean allowing something or someone –me—to show up in between.

19.5 hours at the library. In three days, no one who walked up to me at the desk mentioned the eclipse except one woman who said she'd read that Navajo citizens might observe differently, might sit quietly indoors instead; she told me she'd done that.

propped up in view for the one who lost it. I'm going with that version.

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