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Christian Knudsen 

This weekend was an exercise in testing Instagram. I apologize for taking up your feed. But I don't apologize for this sick ass photo of how close I got to Weezer.

Love this song... first serious tab I learned in a magazine. But the real highlight was when they played "Wildflowers." I didn't know if I would ever see him play at ALL, but certainly didn't think they'd be able to fit my favorite song into that crazy canon of hit songs they need to do for a big show. He even warned the crowd that there was a 'little grouping of songs from an album called Wildflowers." It was one of their 40th Anniversary shows (what!?) so they wanted to view their career as an album, and they would drop the needle in different spots.

That time when 80% of the crowd thought The Shins were done and sprinted off to see Mumford and a Sons... and then they come out with all of Los Lobos to do a song, and finish with their two biggest hits - while throwing in "American Girl" in honor of Tom Petty's amazing performance the night before. #encoreshappen #patience #amazingweekend #sunburned #couchrecovery

Arroyo Seco update: Andrew Bird can whistle perfectly. I've been working with his music recently and am becoming a bigger fan all the time. His live performance is really high energy.

The crowd was smaller for Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real, but it's a shame. Another band I hadn't heard of before who make that good Southern rock. They are going to be around for a long time!

3 month anniversary ramping up with Tom Petty on the horizon.... $10 Coors Lights can't stop this train! Hahaha... it's a beautiful day!

Dawes opening for the Alabama Shakes and Tom Petty... I haven't heard Dawes before, but they seem to be a clear candidate as Tom Petty's heir apparent!

Live Live! Never saw them before but they sound Great!

Here comes two days of music in the Sun!! Three stages of awesome!

Saw this little guy in Detroit last week... Poison dart frog just hanging out in a seemingly secure display case at an urban market. Totally legit.

Love these #pixster pics! Best open air #photobooth ever!

After a very long day we finally arrived in San Diego last night and hit up Cafe Coyote for well deserved margaritas! Can't wait for Tristan and Nicole's wedding today!

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