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New video is up "Adventures at the Buford Dam". Make sure you go check it out when you get a chance. LINK IS IN BIO.

Adventuring around Atlanta this afternoon, hoping for some awesome pictures and maybe even a vlog 😂🤓

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing woman in my life!!! It has a been a rollercoaster ride these past 4 years but Im glad to of rode it with you. You are definitely my better half, you've helped me through tough times and been next to me through the great times. I love you so much sweetie and praying for so many more Anniversaries with you!!!!

Looking to sell these two guys. Digitech DL-8 Delay/Looper and Xotic SP Compressor. $90/each or $150 for the pair!!! Nothing is wrong with them, just looking to upgrade!!! Digitech comes in the original box as well!!!

Shea and I have been through a lot lately but there is one thing thats kept me strong through all of it....GOD. No matter what I've been through GOD has helped me through it. Every time I've prayed he has delivered what I've needed. Even though we've struggled, my faith in him has grown stronger and stronger. His presence has been so evident and I am so thankful for that. No matter what he takes me through I have faith that he will see me through it!!! The phrase in this post really stuck with me, "BUT WITH GOD". Just think of any circumstance that seems impossible, unreachable, unattainable.....but then add "But with God" then becomes possible, reachable and attainable. Nothing in this world is so far away that it can't be reached without God. Trust him today to guide you through and tell me if you don't get a peace inside you. He didn't say it'd be easy but those who trust him will be blessed!!!! #Godisgood #trustinHim #nothingisimmpossible #BUTWITHGOD

Vipers will always be my favorite sports car!!! Really hated to hear they are closing down the factory that builds them!!!! #dodgeviper #viper #limegreen #sportscar #myfavorite #potatoqualitypicture

Im hoping on the band wagon, this album is killer!!!! Most of you know Third Day is my favorite band, they are who set me on fire to learn guitar. This album takes me back to their early albums and that raw southern rock feel that you know and love. Go check'em out, I promise you won't be disappointed!!!! #Thirdday #Revival #christianmusic #southerrock #musicforthesoul

A picture of my board........why? Because Pedals!!!! Plus I just got my gear supply co patch cables wired in and can finally run stereo the way Id like. Massive thanks to Ryan for hooking me up!!!! #pedal #pedals #pedalboard #gear #gearnerd #tone #tonefordays #toneforlife #effects #effectspedals #patchcables #ckershphotography #canon

Todays Jams!!! Time for the devil to get lost, its time for a Regime Change. #makeGodknown #Godisgood #Heisgreaterthani

Anyone else stoked about the new Bugatti Civic. #bugatti #civic #crappycarmods #blackandyellow #funny #funnylooking #cars #carmods

one absolutely beautiful and vivid rainbow over Pendergrass this afternoon.

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