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Christopher Williamson 

It amazes me how a waterfall this size can run this full almost year round at 10,000 feet. #waterfall #blackandwhite #rmnp

Hole 18. #Sunset.

Stumbled into the Driskill for breakfast. The old south at its finest.

A Williamson wedding in Austin.

Even through a dirty windshield, that's impressive. #mydadmadethat

#17. The 246 yard 3-par is looking fine this summer.

I was watering the garden and enjoying my coffee when it sounded like fire from heaven was upon me. I look up to a balloon basket not 20' above my head. I politely say good morning, they respond in kind. They proceed without many words to nearly bounce off our house and somewhat gracefully put it down in the neighbors back yard. After a couple failed relaunches due to tree issues (see insta story) they walked it up and laid it down. Calling it a day at 730am. #surburbia #fortcollins

Longs and Meeker still holding on to winter. @rockynps #LongsPeak #MtMeeker

Backyard progress. Green grass and vegetables. #pleasedontdie

Rainy spring days mean untouched snow is somewhere.

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