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Carl Feaster  ˈekstrəˌspekt | hōˈlistik

Stewardship, not ownership.
Teaching is the art of leaving your passion better than you found it.

I have but for the music in my bones slipped soundlessly through bright clouds, blue, right where the earth and sky unite. I have silenced the howling night, and with the steady hand of solitude taken deep draughts of life and smart at the joy of lonely pleasure therein, as at the kinesthetic shock of freezing waves that pulls my body deep under.
With the weight of timeless living I reside and with all the force of wild mindfulness I press on. Though you move to break me, and though I may, it is with the power of a broken dam that I will overcome the slightness of your humanity as you stand before me and I will leave you ravaged behind as I venture swiftly home, that place the way to which I couldn’t tell you, though how to get there I deeply know.
So break me. Pour me out. Surely there is grace in heaven for the man who, though wrongly moved, restores nature to itself.

L’istesso tempo

Eclipse • have faith in the inertial property of people

happy father’s day

“In the umbral void now left behind
By the sun’s explosive Westward flight,
A deep, rich, noiseless voice
In silent, sonic tides draws breath...” @vuhche pc

When was the last time I mentioned that I love the desert? It’s been too long.

20K meters combined. 6000’ above sea level. One case of adult-onset running. 3 cases of kids trying to be as cool as their mom.

You’re like the stars to me.
You’re like the constellations.
You’re constant and youre kind
And you guide me along.
But I feel so small when I think
That though the stars align for me,
You aren’t the stars.
You don’t constellate.
You are just a prick of light
In the midnight mantle.
And though you light the way for me,
How lonely must you feel,
Your purpose but to shine and never know
The deep relief of stars at night to guide you.
You’re like the stars to me.
You’re like the constellations.


If you’re only going to see what you want, why bother looking?


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