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Custom Action Figure Tailor  C.Jesim & Miss.Jesim •For pre-orders, please visit our website. •Commissions CLOSED. •Custom Giveaway at 10k #cjesimcustomclothing Toronto 🇨🇦


First wave of Mister Doctor's capes are shipping out today. They all come pre-folded. Red inner lining option shown. Thanks for your purchases! 😀 #cjesimcustomclothing

Her name, Keithlyn. Codename, @miss.jesim Her primary specialty for the team is counter intelligence. @miss.jesim is additionally skilled in martial arts and acrobatics. She started training at age 9 with her father and two brothers, who were all instructors, and she earned her first black belt at age 15. @miss.jesim also graduated summa cum laude, and passed her Bar Exams to practice law, before moving into the military. She graduated from Advanced Infantry Training and Ranger School, and received special education in Covert Ops School, Marine Sniper School, Special Air Service School, and Marine Tae Kwon Do Symposium. Although she is as adept with standard weapons as any of her comrades, her weapon of choice is the XK-1 power crossbow, which fires various bolts with specialized functions. She is also a qualified expert with the M-14, M-16, M1911A1 Auto Pistol, M79 grenade launcher, M-3A1, M-700 Remington sniper rifle, MAC-10, throwing stars, garotte and KA-BAR (Combat Knife). #Ijustactuallycopiedscarlettsbio😂

Stardad in da hoooooouse 😂 #dadbod #waitforit #benswolo #cjesimcustomclothing

Mezco Joker with Cjesim upgrades (coat, vest, belt) #cjesimcustomclothing

Deadpool vs The Punisher

Anyone else catch The Last Jedi's post credit scene? 😂 #iamsnoke

Who wants to see more action shots of "Dook"? 😂 www.cjesim.com

No one tells me what to do. #Benswolo #cjesimcustomclothing

More photos of the Magneto cape. 😅 Just pop out the cape joints and you're good to go. Wire design allows for the flaring on the shoulder and everything holds on to place securely. Pre-order now at cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Saved the best for last. It's that cartoon dude from the 80's using Mezco Rogers. Sorry for spamming your feeds! 😂 Pre-order now at cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Masks for Ninjas and Goons (Legends) www.cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

It's the return of the Ninjas. Add-on pieces for your CJESIM ninjas. Weapons not included. www.cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

ROTJ style belt + Green cape. Or is it a scarf? www.cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Add more color variety to your Clown Prince with this cool green vest. 😎 Pre-order now at cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

The Lost Samurai #SamuraiFrank?
www.cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Got pants? Sorry this one doesn't go all the way up to the chest. 😂 www.cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Short Jacket and Beanie for Mr Castle. New style pants also available for Bucky Cap, Mezco, Grim Repear mold. All sold seperately. www.cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Smoothest MF in the galaxy 😂 Like his cape? Pre-order now at cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Add on for the Bulletproof Defender set now available for pre-order at cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Replace those awful pieces of plastic with a fully poseably wired cape that doubles as a stand for your helmet 😂 Pre-order now at www.cjesim.com #cjesimcustomclothing

Pre-ordered an exclusive item from @miss.jesim . Official release date's August. Can't wait! 😁

Found a cool replacement for my pin cushion. 😂

Was about to use my pen when I saw this guy hanging at the tip of it. 😂 #jantmanuary

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