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Anson Kendrick turned 9 years old today. This picture is very telling of his life right now--fidget spinner, Gary Larsen comic book and a snuggle. He can't live without the snuggle. I told him today that he is my anchor. No one in my life gives me more honest and valuable feedback and keeps me grounded than this human. Because we started significant journeys together--his life, my motherhood--sometimes it feels like we're co-astronauts discovering deep space for the first time together. In that way, he's like my wingman and I live for the moments when we finding ourselves laughing at the same joke, gasping for air. 💚💚💚

Woodland Hills, Utah this mid-May morning. I'm freeeeeeezing.

I charted my fertility cycle for years and years and years. Used color codes for ovulation days and every change in my body. Even if these four would've never come to me, the education of and trust in my body was invaluable. After some hard fought battles we became friends. Sometimes the journey toward motherhood is painful as much as it is exhilarating. I never forget on days like these.

Just two mommies on the town

We took our kids to my once second home Wallsburg, Utah today. It's strange to me that this place which was so much a part of my life for so long is foreign to them. The rocky east hills and the cotton trees along the river on the valley floor and the old schoolhouse were all there, unchanged. Not a month goes by that I don't dream of Wallsburg--anxious sequences about wanting to go home only to realize development had changed the land. That's what I get for falling in love.

I'm feeling especially mushy for my boys today.

Shout out to the village that made this look happen: @darlybird for making all custom jewels for me-bar earrings, vintage necklace, brass bracelets, I am so glad you're back and making beauty again! @edenkershisnik for daring me to go so blonde. @geidyachecar for encouraging the pony. @sunnysmarty for the lovely retro dress. @jooshanoosh for pushing me to go for it all. What the crap like I'm getting an Academy Award or something?

Guess what?
It's Rooftop season again!
📸my girl @madi_bee33

Never a better time to introduce the newest member of our family: Sondra! She's a Schwinn from Provo's own @provobicyclecollective and has been the joy of my life for the past two months! 💙Happy #biketowork Provo!

One of my favorite brands @darlybird has been resurrected! It's wearable art, made by these lovely hands of Rachel Harmon and powered by Diet Coke 😉. Sometimes, late at night, she lets me come over and sift through crystals, jewels and beads. She's doing some beautiful giveaways right now--check it out.

I love being 40, you guys. Why didn't I do it sooner?
Thank you always and forever, @justinhackworth ♥️

Two things about this picture of lunch today: it's Miles' 19th birthday. I was a missionary in Canada when he was born but every single person who wrote me told me he was the cutest child ever. I couldn't wait to meet him. He continues to occupy a solid place in my heart. Seeing him take care of Topher is perhaps the sweetest thing in the world, especially because it's done with humor and honor. I LOVE YOU MILES!
Second thing: our family has learned a lot about ALS throughout Topher's journey (if I may use such a word) and one thing we've realized is that we have a lot to go towards ALS funding. Patients need access to care, wheelchairs, accessibility, every day things that make the ALS experience just a little easier. If you are in Utah you can join us in attending the @beatalsbenefit coming up next month. Follow that account for more info about this fun night of music and fundraising. Our family has been given so much already, this is a way to make sure others get the help and support they need too. ♥️ #beatalsbenefit

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