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Chris Jones  The story behind writing a book about mental health ✎ Enthusiastic explorer ▵ ↟

“What does depression feel like?”
To say it invariably feels like any singular emotion is a common misconception. It is total numbness and absolute mania.
It “feels” like a whirlwind of hopelessness and despair, a downpour of guilt and regret and a blizzard of anxiousness and embarrassment. It’s like a dark cloud overshadowing your every step, leaving you constantly fearful of when the next storm will suddenly engulf you.
But there is good news. Like with all clouds it will eventually pass, and depressions noxious grip on you will temporarily ease. Seize these days. These are the most important days as they give hope, and that glimmer of hope makes braving the otherwise relentless storm just a little more bearable 📝💭

Ǝ Λ I ⊥ Ͻ Ǝ Ԁ S ᴚ Ǝ Ԁ
Being mindful is to be
completely aware of
your surroundings and
looking at things from
another perspective.
Sometimes it is
absolutely necessary
to look at your world
upside down in order
to see things the
right way up...💭

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Incredible food...and it’s VEGAN 😮🤤 this place is an absolute must and is food heaven if you’re vegan, vegetarian or gluten free 😋
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Great day hiking in the Lake District, no mountains today but plenty of rivers, waterfalls and forest.
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NYE 🍾🎆🎉
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