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Trees Atlanta TreeHouse  The Education Branch of Trees Atlanta. Speaker Series, Workshops, Arboretum Tours, Youth Environmental Education Programs.

Huzzah! Huzzah! @c0sm0cat!
I did it!!!!! I led my very first tour with @treesatlanta 😃😃😃 Thank you soooooooo much for all 34 (!!!) Of ya'll that came out! A biggggggg thank you to my frands that have given me lots of support and pep talks this week, I appreciate you 😙😙😙😙 #cityintheforest #speakforthetrees #hugatree #nature #peace #chooseatl #goals #weloveatl #citytoobusytohate #ATL

What an awesome summer we've had! #jtk2017 #summercamp! Thank you to all our #buddingenvironmentalstewards for making this year's camp the biggest and most fun camp ever! Thank you to our super summer camp staff, interns, and junior interns -- you helped make positive lifelong memories for our Acer and Quercus campers! Time to put away our camp gear for summer: boy that went fast! It won't be long before Jr. TreeKeeper Camp will be back with school start. See you (soon!) at JTK BreakAway Camp! #cityintheforest #playoutside #natureplay

Ready to take action to protect our urban forest? Start today. Volunteer with @treesatlanta. Take it to the next level. Attend the 2017 Atlanta Canopy Conference: Giving Voice to Tree Protection. Early Bird Registration open: #cityintheforest

#StreetTreeID No.​​ 14 from @treesatlanta#TreeHouse​:​ This eastern North America native is not commonly planted in urban areas or in the ornamental landscape. This tree is perceived to be messy. It is relegated to growing in forgotten corners of our city wherever its seed happens to land. There are specimens on the @atlantabeltline Arboretum and a few mature trees of this species thriving along the margins of Atlanta’s Downtown Connector. Here's a hint: Like most members of the willow family, Salicaceae, this tree’s native habitat is along creeks, streams, and other lowland areas; although the specimen in the photo is growing near Freedom Parkway. Tiny male and female catkin flowers are found on separate trees in early spring before the foliage appears. Pollinated flowers give way to dehiscent capsules, which split when ripe to reveal white, hairy seeds that disperse by floating in the air like small tufts of cotton. Looking at the leaves, you can identify this tree by their characteristic deltoid shape, coarsely toothed margins, and long, noticeably flat petioles. Can you ID me?

Due to high demand, the Mayoral Candidate Forum on Greenspace is MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION (see below). Same date and time. This is a bigger venue, but registration is still required:
New location: Georgia State University Student Center East, 55 Gilmer St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303
Date: Thurs., July 13
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

If you are already registered or waitlisted, you are registered for the new location (do not register again). If you would like to add your name to the attendance list, please register: If you need to UNREGISTER, please send an email to

Frisbee Tree ID challenges #jtk2017 campers to aim their frisbee at a tree, run to it, and correctly identify the tree! Sometimes, their aim isn't so accurate. Or is it? #optoutside #learningfun #bodiesinmotion #cityintheforest #enviromentaleducation @treesatlanta

Join us for the next #lunchandlearn at the @treesatlanta TreeHouse. We will have a round table discussion on the changing dynamics of the nation of Suriname's rainforest and whether there are lessons we can learn for Atlanta -- the City in the Forest. Atlanta's canopy coverage was last measured at 47.9% of land area. Suriname is comprised of 94.6% forested land, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Lawrence Richardson -- long-time Green Shirt Volunteer, Walking Tour Docent, Certified TreeKeeper, TreeSpeaker, AND Master Gardener (whew!) -- will lead this month's discussion. He will talk about his most his recent return to Suriname (after having lived and worked there for a number of years) and share his botanical finds and observations.

Super loud sand blasting on the @atlantabeltline #eastsidetrail extension behind the #TreeHouse. Whereas, the completed trail north of here differentiates direction of travel with slightly different surface textures, here on the extension (and on the #westsidetrail) the center line is demarcated as exposed aggregate. #keepright #sharethetrail#itsalmostdone #outourbackdoor#futureArboretum

The @atlantabeltline Eastside Extension Trail is actively under​ ​construction and will extend from the Irwin Street access point​,​ ​behind the Stove Works complex, and turn onto DeKalb Ave. The trail passes​ through the Krog Tunnel then ​on Wylie Street in Reynoldstown. The trail turns just past Kenyon Street and connects to Kirkwood Avenue. ​At the completion of the Eastside Extension Trail​, ​@treesatlanta will ​have ​plant​ed​ 416 trees ​on ​this section of the Arboretum​. ​This spring, the trail along Wylie ​was​ planted with four cultivars of Crape Myrtle: Sioux, Biloxi, Tuscarora, and Miami​ (as shown above).​
#treefact #cityintheforest #StreetTreeID

Crape ​m​yrtles ​(Lagerstroemia​) ​​are resilient trees. They are loved by many for their colorful blooms. They are often abused with unnecessary topping each spring (sometimes lamented as "crape murder"). They survive in slender planting margins​ and poor soil,​ and their root system pose ​little risk to sidewalks. Crape ​m​yrtles are considered "ornamental" and non-native​;​ however, they can be the "right tree" for challenging urban spaces​ such as this narrow strip​ of the @atlantabeltline Arboretum. We appreciate their shade, ​a few pollinators ​​use their blooms, and they provide enduring color through hot Atlanta summers. #treefact #cityintheforest #arboretum

Summer is crazy hectic at the TreeHouse, but we love reasons to pause and celebrate. Today, Michelle's birthday "cake" is a stack of Klondike bars (absent candles, we made her "blow out" a string of fairy lights)! Last week was Colby's work anniversary with @treesatlanta. We celebrated with a watermelon! #justbecause #teamtrees #teamwork #beehive #bestwishes

When the sky opens up and summer rain falls, we paint! Mud paint that is! #jtk2017 #soil #STEAM #cityintheforest

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