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Meet Hoobs. One day minding his own business, some lady backed her car right into him. Now healed up a few weeks later, he's getting ready to sewer.

This is Splurk. He's a noisy one, and he's really been getting on everyone's nerves lately. Someone needs to tell him to pipe down.

Meet Blurk. He's had a hard time focusing lately with all the distractions in his life. He's had to work really hard to block them out.

Introducing Woggs. Clearly terrified after failing his first day on the job, it's a new day and he's ready to get back on the horse.

Meet Traggle. He's been sad lately after losing his job and his girlfriend. Needless to say life's been a little trough.

This is Pilbs. His attitude problems have landed him in some hot water lately. Someone needs to tell him not to spout off.

This is Haupp. Some lady backed into him the other day and then sped off. Fortunately he got her information. He's totally going to sewer.

Introducing Swomm. He's been yelling at all the pedestrians lately due to letting his anger get the best of him. He really needs another outlet.

Meet Ollo. He's been so moody lately his friends are starting to worry. He needs to get a hole of himself.

Introducing Gungle. Saving up for his first vacation in years, he can't wait to hit his goal. He's got a nice stache going.

Meet Valoot. He got a promotion on the job and had a lot more responsibility. It didn't go so well. He really cracked under the pressure.

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