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C&I Studios  Ideas with a higher purpose.


Successfully shot three commercials in New Jersey with @76words and @colinro
Always a blast with this crew. Back to FL for a few days then back to airports

A lot of people ask me personally “why not just work for yourself? Why aren’t you a solo act anymore ? Its easier , you can choose your own destiny”. Well...because THAT destiny is limited. The potential of that path has a cap. When you look at the incredible things we have accomplished TOGETHER , the odds we have overcome, the impossible tasks we have done on impossible timelines, the possibilities of growth, achievement, and, most importantly, impact, become endless. So, I choose to surround myself with people who challenge me to be better and who encourage me to find solutions in the face of failure every day of the week. -Justin

Some people go and some people stay. Here is a little insight into the true culture of C&I and why it's so magical. No, we aren't the biggest agency around...no our building isn't made of all glass, and we don't have a community nap or yoga room, but I guarantee the creativity that comes out of this place will rival anyone's in the world. And this video is why.

A lot of times showing the final product or the final version of a campaign doesn’t paint the whole picture. As a culture, we are super saturated with media every single day. We have amazing images bombarding us multiple times a day on multiple platforms. This tends to trivialize the process and the intense planning and pre production that went into these works. Everything made at C&I is make with extreme purpose and intent. And that doesn't just start and end with a camera crew. It starts with a simple, creative idea, and a room full of amazing individuals to refine it...over, and over, and over again.

Fort Lauderdale isn’t trying to be Brooklyn, Austin or Wynwood. It's trying to be Fort Lauderdale. And this is the concert that we have always wanted to see. What more do you need than @thebandkids and @civilian_sounds on the same stage. On October 7th, we are going to make magic in Fat Village. Link in bio.

Fort Lauderdale is more than the sun, the beach, great weather, it's more than that bar down the street. Fort Liquordale…gross…To us this town is much deeper than that. It’s a diverse culture that’s drowning in arts, music and film without it even knowing it. So as they build those buildings all around us, we know we are responsible for showcasing the talent, the culture and vibe that this city truly has. The sun is just not enough. @civilian_sounds is not only one of our own, they embody the spirit for what true culture and passion is. It's going to be desirable to watch and hear what they do on that stage. C&I is proud to present the third annual For The Love Music Festival (@forthelovefestival ). Link in bio.

Music is such an integral part of what we do. It’s a language that communicates so many things that can’t be written or seen. And though we can’t ever seem to find an actual reason as to why we do this festival, we also know that we have to--it's ingrained in us. It’s named For The Love, not because it is a catchy title, (we didn’t know it was also Fort Lauderdale's initials until after we named it) but because it represents the people that work crappy jobs or unusual schedules so they can go on tour, paint, create. This festival is, and always will be a spirit for the crazy ones that pour everything they have into their art. C&I is proud to present the third annual For The Love Music Festival @forthelovefestival When we were choosing a headliner this year, we didn’t want to get some large band with some fancy blue m&m rider to come visit our town, we wanted people that have FTL in their bloodstream. Some people have asked if we still talk to the band Kids @thebandkids ...the answer is yes. And we cannot wait for them to headline this festival. Link in bio.

Today we are shooting with @kinetix365 in Beverly Hills. They are one of our favorite clients. Tarek @drj_altman @gabrielaltman and the team are so great to just be around.

We're back in FL but we are still grinding. Let's get it.
@cartoni.camerasupports @matthewsgrip @reddigitalcinema @ktekbooms

We have been living out of pelicans, eating and sleeping wherever. We are currently in LA and head to Denver tonight. #ciworldtour #pelicancase

Band photo in New Zealand #ciworldtour

People always ask us "how do you get to work here." It's hard to explain. These folks that are a part of this company know true sacrifice for something bigger than themselves. They push each other to the edge of greatness and choose to live in that uncomfortable, tiring, space of growth. Growth sounds awesome, but it's painful to be stretched, painful to learn hard lessons. But years later, we find it was well worth it. Who cares if we make it, trying has been fun enough.
So here's to our assassins, the ones fighting on the front lines in the field and the ones battling to protect the castle at home.
How do you work here? Don't care about yourself so much.

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