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Las Vegas aerial & contortion  Jesus💗 Wife💍 #Circus 🎪 #Travel ✈️Fire Baton🔥Minimalist⛺ #RV livin’ 🚐5 rescues🐾 Las Vegas, Nv♣️ To book for gigs or private lessons 👇🏼

Just 2 spots left in my flexibility and a few in Lyra. Who’s joining me tomorrow at 345 or 5 for some circus shenanigans at @aerialathleticalv !?
#comegetbent #comeflywithme

Update: flexibility is full still come for Lyra ❤️

Thank you to everyone who joined me in flexibility and Lyra for my first classes at @aerialathleticalv yesterday! Here’s the sequence I taught minus the end where I blanked, sat up and just hung there because my brain ran out of more moves 😂

Join me Monday’s at 630 (Lyra) or Saturday’s 345 (flexy) & 5 (Lyra)

Not only am I an aerialist but I also fart fire!! Pretty impressive, eh?

I hope you all had a fabulous new year!! I have no specific resolutions. I want to stop procrastinating, get to know Jesus a little better and as always, travel more. I have no specific goals this year but if it’s anything like last year I know the Lord has amazing things in store! He has blessed us beyond anything I could have ever imagined in 2018 and I’m only anticipating bigger better things in 2019. 🎊🥳🎉

Alright y’all, what’s your resolutions!?

📸: @joshhartmanphotography

My first rope class ever!!!! 😱😱😱I actually liked it more than I thought I would but maybe that’s because @jennyatomik was teaching and she rocks ☺️

When I was hired for a Christmas Eve gig and given free reign on my costume I thought red, it’s Christmasy. After browsing through my pieces I found this! This costume is special because it’s actually my high school majorette costume ❤️❤️❤️ the client loved it and I’m so excited I got to wear it again. See mom, all that money you spent it’s still being put to use 😂

Silks: @gettinginverted

Use Cirquebea for a deal on yours!

Matthew 7:7 “Ask and you shall receive”

Well for those that have asked you shall be receiving! I’m so excited to share that tomorrow I start teaching at the beautiful studio in Las Vegas @aerialathleticalv ! Lyra and flexibility only. •
This is just some snippets from my act I have coming up. I haven’t touched silks in 345 days and got an email last week asking me to perform Christmas Eve so 1 split, 1 drop and lots of flappy flowy arms 🦅🦅 here it is. No music because I ain’t trying to get banned 🚫

The other day @rosskykerphoto asked if I could go anywhere in the U.S. where would I go? And I said ... Italy!!! 😁🇲🇬

And the night before that I had a dream someone asked if I could live anywhere in the world where would it be. I said the Dolomites. So I’m just drooling over here thinking about our trip there and wondering when we can go back ✈️

Ok so my geography might be a little off.. where would you want to go in the U.S.?!

LA bound with @rosskykerphoto for a contortion gig 🥨

Any suggestions on breakfast/ brunch spots with @swell.spirit !? 🥞🍳🥓☕️

No vegan, no vegetarian and give me meat and alll the gluten 😍

Grateful to be shooting a wedding in my home town this weekend with @rosskykerphoto so I get to have din din with my fam on thanksgiving which hasn’t happened in ages. •
I’m also grateful for what I get to do for a living. So I switched it up a bit here’s some behind the scenes of an event I did this week and what a night of performing looks like. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

My husband often tells me I should only post high quality professional photos on my IG and I know he only intends to have my best interest in mind but these photos are so much more important to me.

This is me after taking 6 weeks off due to an upper back injury. I was training chest stands without my coach and tweaked something in my back it felt like a burning hot knife twisting in a very small area. I couldn’t twist without feeling it. After countless home remedies 3 weeks later I went to the doc she gave me my first steroid shot. A few days later I felt better. That injury made me extremely depressed. I was worried I’d have to give up circus and contortion. I prayed constantly and considered giving everything up... that maybe it was time to call it quits and find a new hobby. But I feel it in my soul. I don’t just enjoy circus I need it to feel alive. Ive been so scared to train again. Then this weekend I decided to give it a chance again. •

I went to class with @undarmaagold and she pushed me, rooted me on the whole time and helped me focus on areas to prevent injury and improve. Thank you Undarmaa for being the greatest coach and reinspiring me. This class was all I needed to let myself know that I’m still in the game, that I still love it and I still have it. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 #bringiton

Been a bit m.i.a. over here but I’m alive! After 3.5 years of living on wheels we decided we like it here in Vegas and we got a house! We went from 200sq’ to 2200 😳 we’ve been so busy with moving in and people actually being able to visit with us! •
Our animals were getting fat and we lived in the hood. So we decided for now this was best and safest for us. We can walk around the bed, I don’t trip over animals constantly, hot showers last longer than 6 mins, I don’t have to turn off the ac to use the microwave AND I have my rig setup inside so I’ve been training way more, this is the life man! •
We still have our rv she’s just in storage. Maybe we’ll tiny live again some day but for right now... it’s big space and minimal mindset ❤️

This week was my birthday. I turned a big scary number that I’ve been dreading for many years. I’m not sure why. I don’t feel different I don’t look different. But society today is all about youth. Especially in circus some companies won’t even consider hiring you at my age. But I’m more happy with who I am than I’ve ever been in my “younger” years. •

But then I was thinking a year ago today I flew home to Las Vegas from Austin, Tx when we landed I saw more police lights than I’d ever seen. The pilot stopped and said he wasn’t letting us off something didn’t feel right. Turns out there was a shooter across the street at Mandalay Bay and he was shooting at the gas tanks... at the airport... where my husband and I were sitting on a plane outside. They found gun shots in the tank but he didn’t penetrate them. •

I had worked a festival the weekend before, the same location where he shot and killed 57 innocent people and had applied to work the event the day it occurred but I was bummed I didn’t get booked so we went to Texas. Now I know why. •

I don’t know why the Lord spared our lives that day but I’m so excited to get to be another year older. Bring on the birthdays!!! I want all of them I look forward to each and everyone one here on out ❤️🎉 why dread the inevitable especially when the alternative is not being here. •
Tonight Ross and I fly home to Vegas from Austin Tx... so I’d be lying if I said my stomach isn’t a little uneasy and my heart isnt heavy. It’ll be a bit scary reliving way too similar events.

I pray for the survivors and the family of those lost today that God would give them peace that only he can give and comfort them on this dark day. #vegasstrong

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