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Las Vegas aerial & contortion  Jesus💗 Wife💍 #Circus 🎪 #Travel ✈️Fire Baton🔥Minimalist⛺ #RV livin’ 🚐5 rescues🐾 Las Vegas, Nv♣️ 👇🏼 Join me for my workshops at SoFly!

Eeeek I am so excited to be teaching a contortion and lyra workshop at the beautiful @soflysocial studio in September! If you live in or near Austin Texas come get bendy and fly with me 🎪 link to sign up is in my bio 🤘🏼

📸: my insanely talented hubby - @rosskykerphoto

This is by far the longest I’ve gone without posting probably since I started my IG. But when you spend several weeks in the magical depths of Europe the last thing you think about is posting. I tried to post a story every few days when I had free WiFi so my fam would know I was alive but anyway!!
@rosskykerphoto and I spent the last several weeks in Spain photographing a wedding (never realized how insanely freaking gorgeous and clean and the food... omg. Best lasagna of👏🏼My👏🏼Life👏🏼) •
Then we went to the Italian Dolomites, so far my favorite place in the world. Seriously. Like...I cried it was so amazing. •
Then a few days later we drove to Slovenia, pictured here. We stayed with my friend @miny.666 and I was joking how this place looked like Narnia and she said that’s because some of it was filmed there 😍😍😍

Cappuccino was $1.60 wine was $1.40. So many croissants. It was so hard to leave but I missed our fur babies. Next time I’ll take them and stay forever 🤫

You guys you guys you guys!!!!! Is this real life!?!?! I was feeling so discouraged last week sucking at handstands they’re so freaking hit or miss for me. Then I busted this outta nowhere! So this doesn’t happen often but... I am SO proud of myself and my hard work paying off!!!! My coach for the first time told me, “bravo! good job” 😱I never ever ever thought I’d be able to do this. •
Ive still yet to find the balance straightening my legs but I’m confident it’s only a matter of time ☺️

Been a bit m.i.a I think that’s allowed sometimes and if I’m being honest don’t really feel like posting now but may as well.

This week has been one of trials. I don’t usually don’t have bad days, I’m blessed but this week can suck it. Saturday night I found 3 adorable kittens. I spent all night trying to catch them. Caught 2 was waiting for the 3rd. The next morning was seemed very lethargic figured it was tired. 5 pm the last was caught and my gf came to take them home to foster them. They’re maybe 3-4 weeks. •
She took one to the vet immediately it got so sick so quick. The next morning it passed. So the next morning we were going to take another one because it was getting lethargic... it didn’t make it through the night. We took the last one in and it’s been eating and playing and so far so good 🙏🏼 I assumed they were dropped at my place, folks, if you have time to drop cats in someone’s yard just take them to the damn shelter there’s a chance they could’ve survived. That’s beyond heartless and gross.

But being a crazy cat lady, I had fed one of the kittens from my finger that had died and it accidentally bit me so the vet insisted I get vaccinated. I spent 3 hours in the ER getting antibiotics, a tetanus shot and rabies shots. Have you ever had a shot in your finger? 🤮I literally had a panic attack the pain was so intense. I was embarrassed but holy balls it was bad. Now I have 6 more to get over the next week. Hubby has been sick all week and I think he gave me his kooties I’m doing a bit better today but now he’s at urgent care with chest pain... phew. •
That was a mouthful and there’s more but whatever I’m alive and we saved 1 kitty and I get to see my mama this weekend. Been saying lots of prayers this week and although there’s been some headaches the Lords got this. So happy week to you all ❤️

“Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceived many”- Phaedrus

This old fart knew what he was talking about! (I dunno if he was old but I’m going to say he is) what a beautiful photo ay? •
@rosskykerphoto and I were trying to beat the sunset to grab a shot in this gorgeous handmade @sewtrendyaccessories dress. After hitting a billion pot holes and not taking down the 50 cows standing in the middle of the road we found this gorgeous spot. We ran down I changed into this completely see through dress. Ya cool story, but, what you don’t see is the 20+ mph winds and the barely 50 degree temperatures! It was so frickin cold we had to photoshop my nose from red to a normal color 😂 just a friendly reminder that things on this fun little app aren’t always as they seem 🤥

With all the fancy stuff on the inter webs and especially Instagram this may seem unimpressive BUT this video is such a milestone for me. Aerials came easily for me, contortion was pretty easy since I was naturally flexible I did a chest stand my first try BUT handstands have been my nemesis. I never train them because I wasn’t seeing improvement, when I wanted to see it in the time frame I wanted but I’ve been training them constantly and voila!! •
I’ve never been able to bring my back leg forward into scorpion and hold it and holy crap I did it. Then I got cocky and tried to straighten my legs and fell but hey I did this several times in a row and on these tall wobbly ass canes!! Finally my hard work is paying off!!! A billion years later. •
Wearing: @haramichinyc

Happy national day of prayer! 🙏🏼

Last night I attended revival night @thechurchlv they had the pastor from @freedomhouseoc if you live in Orange County do yourself a favor and go see him speak!! Check out my story to see some short clips. Prayers and blessings to you all 🤘🏼😝

Butt stands with my homie @rikkimorehouse

Out of complete curiosity, in YOUR opinion, what makes someone a contortionist? If they can do a handstand act? They can do the splits? A triple told? After your first paid gig as one? •
There’s a lot of “contortionists” out there and I’m just wondering what other ppl constitute as to what makes you one.

📸: @rosskykerphoto

This thing was a little intimidating at first so I took it easy for my first time but I look forward to learning to high-five, steal people’s hats or give wet willies. The opportunities are endless!! #lasvegasentertainment

1) It’s EARTH DAY!!! 2) I’m on my way to Moab, Utah to see my mama!! Ahh!
3) ok tell me all the ways you cherish the earth 🌎🌍🌏 I want to know in what areas I need to step up my game!

I recycle, use a refillable water bottle, unplug electronics not in use, shop at thrift stores (got my last business blazer with the tags from Kohl’s for $7!) live in a rv and donate all my used items to a shelter. What do you guys do!? Tell me all the things!😁

2015- my first ever attempt.
2016- my 2nd attempt.
2018- hey I haven’t done that camel thing in ages I’m probably worse than the first time... •
My shoulders are still crap but man look how much I’ve learned to use my middle and upper back!! It’s SO important if you want to bend for a long time your lower back can’t be the only part of spine you’re using!!

Far from perfect but I started training cheststands with the block again and held a handstand for more than 0.0003 seconds so I’ll take it!!

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