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💀Michaela💀  💀 you don't know me or my past so what are you talking about 💀

✌️ add me on snapchat- circus_love ✌️

✖️some of your best friends hurt but want to hide it with a smile and a laugh, and we have a very convincing laugh and smile that it's hard to tell that we hurt ✖️

💀 looking into the future is easy but looking into the past is harder than it looks 💀
#light #future #past #easy #hard #love #quotes #art #artsy #fun #timedpic

✖️you don't know me,my past, or what I've done so you can just stop talking ✖️#quotes #light #timedpic #art #artsy #love #dontjuge

💀the dark side can take over you when ever it wants. Not when you want it to💀

❤️Love this girl❤️

This just may be the best triple trapeze trick ever. Who's legs are who's😃 comment below⏬

TBH and rate?

TB to my grandparents farm! I finally got my own horse😍 her name is Dakota

My #wcw is @hope_olson I know we like just meet a few weeks but your really cool and funny and a really good volleyball player

So this it why we don't let you take our picture @ashkee100

❤️I love getting the time to hang out with my friends they make things fun and they can understand you. But to be honest allie and skyler you guys are the best.❤️

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