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Jacob  18 // Fl mediocre bassist ღ Deja 1/12/14 ღ

I’d like to share this picture of Gizmo now vs 1 year ago! I’m happy to say that she finally grew legs

That time of the year again

#thevines - Slide Away (In Miracle Land - 2018)
The Vines new album is fantastic, and this is definitely my favorite track! Also the full cover is in my bio if anyone is interested.
(Also side note, sorry the bass doesn’t sound the greatest, it’s new and I’ve been experimenting with the sounds pretty much all day)
@thevines @lucky_west @itstimgraham

South Carolina was fun yet again! To bad it’ll be awhile before we go back 😕

Been going on early morning walks downtown, and it’s real nice

We went and saw Weezer & Pixies last night, they both put on a great show, this was the only picture I took,
The Wombats were also there!

#neworder- senses (movement 1981) probably my favorite New Order song, off of my favorite albums of all time. I’m actually trying to learn a lot of NO songs currently so expect quite a bit of covers by them for a while! That includes vocals (maybe, it depends on if I’m not feeling shy n shit)
Because I can only record a minute it was hard for me to choose which part I wanted to put on here so I’ll upload the rest on my YouTube channel, it’ll be in my bio whenever if anyone is interested.

#thevines - I bet you look good on the dance floor (future primitive - 2011)
This is one of my favorite covers ever, I recorded this about 8 months ago which is why the quality of everything kinda sucks, but I forgot I had done it so here it is!

This is Randall, and we gave him lettuce

Here’s how to climb those ladders

Finally went to see @peterhook_thelight last night performing New Order & Joy Divisions ‘Substance’ albums. The show was absolutely great and we got right in the front row. I can’t wait to go and see him again!
(I’ll probably post videos later too)


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