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Jacob  18 // Fl mediocre bassist ღ Deja 1/12/14 ღ

#thedoors - Love Her Madly (L.A. Woman - 1971)
It’s a bit rough but I’ve been practicing this one for a while so I thought I’d put it up!
I really love this bass line, for a band without a main bassist they had some very good bass riffs

Hung out in South Side pretty much all day, it’s really nice. I love small cities with a lot to do (It’s basically Pittsburgh’s Ybor)

The overlook with my love ❤️

Me sitting in front of a plane at the airport


Here’s 2 more because I didn’t think I would take anymore pictures but then I took more pictures

Celebrating Deja’s birthday at Howl-O-Scream with the faves

#redvox - There She Goes (What Could Go Wrong - 2016)
I wanted to play ‘Love Her Madly’ today but I’m still trying to get it down. So instead here’s some Red Vox! Over the last year or so they have become one of my favorite bands, and I can’t wait to learn some more of their songs.
@vine_sauce @redvoxband

This picture looks bad but we thought it was great and really didn’t want to pay $20 to buy it

We got Jack a baby bjorn and as you can tell by his face he loves it

I’d like to share this picture of Gizmo now vs 1 year ago! I’m happy to say that she finally grew legs

That time of the year again

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